Too Faced – Natural Matte Look

This Natural Matte eyeshadow palette from Too Faced has been one of those palettes I’ve been looking at for a long time without purchase, but when the right occasion showed up I just had to buy it. It’s one of those perfect ”easy to go” everyday palettes, and it hasn’t let me down. I really like it and use it a lot. The shadows are very soft with a good pigmentation and very blendable. With the right primer under they last without problem the whole day.

Have a wonderful weekend now!!! Here in Florence it just started to rain.

Here’s one look a created a while ago using this eyeshadow palette. I combined it with a strong matte lip using one of Euphidra’s new lipsticks.

  1. Prime the eyelids with Urban Decay’s eyeshadow primer potion anti-aging. Highlight under the eyebrows with Heaven.
  2. Blend in Lace Teddy above the crease.
  3. Right under blend in Strapless.
  4. Add intesity to the outer V with Risqué and blend outwards and up in the crease.
  5. Apply Chocolate Cookie over the middle mobile eyelid.
  6. In the inner part of the mobile eyelid apply Honey Butter.
  7. Apply Heaven to the inner corner of the eye.
  8. Along the lower lashline apply Risqué.
  9. Blend it out using Strapless.
  10. Apply an eyeliner using Euphidra’s waterproof eyepencil EA04 Terra Bruciata and smudge it out.
  11. Apply Euphidra’s lengthening mascara.
  12. Contour the face using ABH Contour Kit. On the cheeks apply Sigma’s Powder Blush in Cheeky.
  13. On the lips apply Euphidras Lipstick Rosso Labbra Mat RM01. Done!

Illamasqua, YSL, Stila & False Eyelashes

Lip Colouring Pencil Media, Lipstick Corrupt & Vanitas Matte Lipstick Wanton

I’ve been wanting to try Illamasqua’s lip products for such a long time so when Beautybay offered a good discount a couple of weeks ago I ordered them. I went for three different matte pink shades. I’m really satisfied with my choise even though the swatches I watched before doing the order didn’t corrispond excatly how I imagined them to be.

The lip colouring pencil Media is amazing. It transfers the color onto the lips really easy and you can use this one as it is by itself without adding any lipstick over. The color is beautiful and long lasting. (I normally use the lipprimer from NYX before applying.) But at the same time it’s perfect as a base color for the other two lipsticks. The cost for this lippencil is €18,60.

The lipstick in color Corrupt is also a lovely, yet more vibrant, pink shade. The consistency is a bit try, a little bit too try for my personal taste, but once onto the lips it doens’t feel dry at all, and that’s the most important. It can easily be used by itself without a lippencil under since it gives the lips a strong color. The lipstick is long lasting, and it takes a couple of hours before you need to apply it again. The cost for this lipstick is €22,90.

The Vanitas Matte Lipstick in color Wanton feels a bit more luxury, from the packaging to the product itself. I adore this shade. It’s wearable and perfect for an everyday use. I normally wear this one with the lip colouring pencil Media underneath, but it looks great also by itself. Also here the consistency is a bit try while applying but on the lips that’s not the feeling so overall I really like this lipstick. It has often a fixed place in my makeup bag in my purse since I got it. The color lasts for hours. This one costs €26,20.

Blush Volupté Passionnee nr 6

Last year while working in different makeup stores I worked specifically for YSL and many times while doing makeup on clients I used these blushes. This shade that I’ve bought is my personal favorite shade. It’s a medium, warm-toned pink with a golden shimmer in it with a soft, frosted finish. The consistency of the powder is very silky and very easy to apply. Even thought this shade has a soft shimmer to it it doesn’t leave the skin too luminous, instead it gives the cheeks a healthy and beautiful color. The duration of this blush is very high, of course it depends a bit on the skintype you’ve, but personally it lasts from six to eight hours. It also has a pleasant fragrance. If you have tried their gloss volupté you’ll find that the fragrance is almost identical. At Sephora this blush costs €46,90.

Stay Alla Day Precision Glide Brow Pencil Blonde

I ordered this browpencil out of curiosity. I hadn’t read any reviews or checked out any other information than what the product description said before buying it. Since I love every Stila product I’ve I wanted to give this one a try. The packaging is beautiful, very similar to other makeup brand’s eyebrow pencils except the gold and blue colors which give the pencil a more elegant look.
But now to the product itself. I bought the color blonde for me even thought other brands blonde colors sometimes can be a bit too light for me. So I knew it could be risky, and unfortunately that’s also the case here.
Even thought it’s not completely the perfect shade for me I use it a lot, but only in the beginning of my eyebrows. After I always finish with Anastasia Berverly Hills Brow Wiz in the shade Taupe (which is my perfect eyebrow color). I’ve been using this technique for a long time, to start a bit lighter in the beginning of the eyebrows and to finish one shade over from the middle to the end of the eyebrow. In this way I find, at least for me, that the eyebrow looks less heavy and a bit more natural. The final result with this specific blonde color is great. The consisteny is a bit hard which makes the application a bit tricky, I would have prefered just a tiny bit softer. The duration on the other hand is great, it lasts all day without problem. The cost for this browpencil is €18.


Last but not least I ordered myself a backup of gorgeous eyelashes from False Eyelashes. I’m already a big fan of many of these lashes but two of them are new to me so I really look forward using them in some of my makeup looks  ❤

Winner of Kryolan’s limited edition Shades 5 Colors ”200K” give away

Last week I got a private message from Kryolan on Instagram telling me I was one of the lucky winners of their give away. They organized this give away to celebrate they had reached 200K followers on Instagram. To participate you simply had to comment on their post and tell them which type of Kryolan Instagram posts you enjoy reading the most. I did and to my surprise I won. I was really thrilled about it beacuse I normally never win anything. I love matte eyeshadows and these colorful matte eyeshadows from Kryolan are the best! The quality is on top and they’re absolutely gorgeous!

I swatched the eyeshadows and took a quick photo on the makeup I did today using them. They’re so easy to apply and blend with and I’m really happy to own this palette!

Violet Voss Holy Grail Eyeshadow Palette

Two weeks ago I was glad to find this palette from Violet Voss on Beautybay. I was lucky enough to find it exactly the same day when they got it back in stock, beacuse just after a few hours all of them where gone. Wow…we makeup addicts… 🙂
I was really excited to have found it and that it finally was on its way home to me. I’ve been seeing this palette on social medias for a long time and I always been curious about the shades that to me look amazing.

So when I finally got it I wanted to try it out immediately. I took a few pictures of it and swatched it. First impression was that the eyeshadows looked great. Second impression the bad smell…they smelled a bit”cheap”. Don’t get me wrong, this palette just cost €38,20 and that makes every eyeshadow €1,91 which is super cheap. Nothing wrong with cheap eyeshadows but I know for certain when a smell is ”good” or ”bad”. This eyeshadow palette is made in P.R.C. so I just hope they are made in a ”good” way. What I can think of is that if you have sensitive eyes and skin you should probably be careful using this product. I haven’t had any kind of irritation or problem but on the palette they have written clearly as a caution and warning that if signs of irritation or rash appear you should discontinue the use of it. Anyways, the bad smell isn’t longer that strong after that I’ve been using it for a week, so fortunately that doesn’t bother me any longer.
The third impression that I liked a lot is that it’s very neat, doesn’t take much space at all, is really leightweighted and has a good mirror, so it makes it easy to bring with you anywhere.

Now to the eyeshadows. The shades are really beautiful, they are highly pigmented and most important they blend really well and the application is very easy without fall out. With a good eyeprimer they last all day long and I’m very pleased with how the eyeshadows turn out to look around the eye. The list of eye makeups you can do with this palette is almost infinite. The swatches I made for you is on bare shin without primer underneath.
I haven’t got the time yet to take pictures of the makeup looks I’ve done using this palette but I promise I’ll post new looks using this palette as soon as I can.

I would recommend this palette to the persons that haven’t got too sensible eyes and skin, and doesn’t suffer from various types of skin allergies. I suggest always to check the origin of the eyeshadows and where they are made before you order, if you have any of these problems. Because even if it’s a cheap palette it’s better to save these 38 euros for something more appropriate for your eyes and skin.

Violet Voss Holy Grail

Favorite Foundation, Great Face Primer and New In Products


I’ve been using this foundation for about 6 months now. I’ve waited almost too long before doing this review but in one way it has been helpful. In this way I’ve really had the chance to try it in different seasons and also comparing it to other foundations.
It was during a course at L’Orèal my eyes opened up for this special foundation and since I tried it on I can’t find many other that can be compared with Yves Saint Laurent’s Fusion Ink Foundation.

This foundation is really soft, silky, and lightweight. The formula is very fluid, which I really like, so it’s extra important to shake it well before every use, that’s of course important with all liquid foundations. The Fusion Ink Foundation has a particular applicator. The so called face-zoning applicator allows you to apply the foundation directly onto the face. You don’t need much product at all to get a full coverage and it sets within a few seconds. Once on the skin it transform itself and gets very soft and silky and the finish is soft-matte. The skin looks healthy and it covers great and most important you don’t feel this foundation once its on since it’s so lightweight. You can also build it up if needed but I find one application, at least for me, enough.
The information I write now you find online but it also comes with the foundation:
”The special sweat and sebum-controlling agents allow for 24-hour of coverage—even through humidity or heat, and its sensorial and volatile dry oil complex allows it to set in seconds. Formulated with pure-micro-coated pigments, it delivers lasting, radiant color.”

When you try it, also on the hand, you can fell that it almost transforms itself into a smooth silky lightweight powder. It may sound strange but it doens’t look powdery at all.
I normally apply it with Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge or with Sigma’s 3DHD Kabuki brush, also a fluffier brush works excellent.
It has SPF18 and is availible in 21 different shades.

I have combination/oily skin, so when I buy foundations for me the most important thing is that it’s suitable for comb/oily skin, the finish is ”healthy” matte and the formula is long-lasting. I also love the Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet + Foundation, and Lancôme’s Teint Idole Ultra 24h. These are the once that I use most of for the moment but the absolute favorite is Yves Saint Laurent’s Fusion Ink Foundation. Negative about it, the price and that the bottle just comes with 25 ml of product! But I bought mine with 20% of discount at Sephora so it wasn’t too bad! 🙂

I also wanted to say that I’ve used it both in the Swedish winter climate and in the hot humid Italian summer weather and it works great it both. In the dry winter weather it doens’t dry out the skin, it keeps it hydrated while in the humid hot summer weather it helps the skin to not get to shiny and is very long-lasting.

BENEFIT COSMETICS – The POREfessional Matte Rescue 

I bought this primer from Benefit just when it came out a couple of moths ago. I came over it by coincidence and tried it and just felt that I needed to give it a chance. Face primers are so important for me. Also here I prefer buying the once that are mattifying. At Sephora it costs €30,50 and you get 50ml. I was lucky to get 20% off also here.

What I like about this primer is that it’s really lightweight. It’s a water-based gel that should help the skin to absorb excess surface oil during the day. For me it works very fine, specially now in the summer, when you need the foundation to stay in place. The skin feels really fresh once applied and it also helps a bit to minimize the appearance of pores, not exceptionally, but still good. I’m not a big fan of the primers that covers the pores too much since they normally are silicon based. But for people with more sensitive skin that’s probably better. When I use this primer I’ve notice that it takes a bit longer before I need to retouch the makeup.

Another face primer that I love is Make Up For Ever Step 1 Skin Equalizer Primer, Mattifying Primer for Oily Skin. It costs a bit more and you only get 30ml, but on the other hand I find that it’s probably one of the best ones on the market, and since you use such small quantities it lasts for a long time.


The 9th of June was my birthday. I just stopped counting the years, but I always appreciate celebrating! From Sephora this year I got this double sided blush. I must say that I’ve been using it every day since I got it, mostly the orange shade, but I also use the pink one. Both shades give a beautiful soft finish great for the summer season. Can never get too many blushes. 😉

MARC JAKOBS – Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara

I got this sample of Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Major Volume mascara with the purchase I did at Sephora. I tried it the day after and I can’t say that it’s one of my favorite mascaras. I mean it’s a great mascara and everything but personally I don’t like when the applicator is too big. With that said you probably understand that I’m more into lengthening mascaras that normally got a more subtle applicator. I find that many of the applicators that come with volume mascaras can be a bit more clumpsy.
The information about this applicator says that it’s made to place the most volume to the ”hard-to-reach” center lash line, and to define tip styles lashes for major drama. Unfortunatley that doesn’t work for me.
It’s very black which is nice and the formula should be smudgeproof. I write should because after half day I found small pieces of mascara right under my eyebrows.
The cost of it is around €27,50.

My favorite mascara that I always come back to is from Eyeko; The Skinny Brush Mascara (Long & Tall). On the pictures here under you can see the difference between Eyeko’s Skinny Brush Mascara and Marc Jacob’s Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara. Today I tried using them together and for an extra effect that works absolutely fine!

New Products

Äntligen har jag kunnat beställa och köpa lite nya produkter och ögonskuggor. Har får ni lite kort och swatcher på vad jag köpt.

Finally I’ve been able to order and buy some new products and eyeshadows. Here comes a few pictures and swatches.

Finalmente sono riuscita a ordinare e comprare alcuni prodotti e ombretti nuovi. Qui vedrete un paio di foto di cosa ho comprato.

MAKE UP FOREVER – Skin Equalizer STEP 1

Dessa nya primer från Make Up Forever är fantastiska. De är otroligt bra. Jag köpte den vita som hydratiserar och fräshar upp huden och den svarta som mattar huden och ser till att man inte blir glansig. Eftersom jag har blandad hy ville jag testa båda två. Såfort man applicerat dessa primer känner man på än gång att de börjar fungera på huden. Den hydratiserade får huden att kännas fräsh och som ny medan den mattande gör huden matt och nästan lite stram. Ett råd vad gäller båda att  man verkligen applicera små små mängder, speciellt när man applicerar den mattande basen då man annars riskerar ett ojämt resultat när man applicerar sin foundation.

These new primers from Make Up Forever are fantastic. They’re incredibly great. I bought the white that’s hydrating and refreshing the skin and the black that’s a mattifying base that helps to prevent unwanted shine. Since I’ve got mixed skin I wanted to try them both. Immediately when you apply them you feel how they start working. The hydrating primer makes the skin feel fresh and new while the mattifying primer makes the skin matte and almost a bit tense. An advice regarding both is to apply really small amounts, specially the mattifying primer otherwise you risk an uneven result while applying the foundation.

Questi nuovi primer da Make Up Forever sono fantastici. Sono incredibilmente buoni. Ho comprato quello bianco che è la base hydratante che rinfresca la pella e la fa sentire come nuova e quello nero che è la base matificante che aiuta a prevenire che la pelle diventa lucida. Siccome ho la pelle mista volevo provarli tutti e due. Immediatamente dopo l’applicazione si sente come iniziano a funzionare. La base hydratante fa sentire la pella idrata e fresca mentre la base matificante fa diventare la pelle opaca e si sente la pelle leggermente tirare. Un consiglio per quanto rigurda questi primer è di applpicare piccolissime quantità, specialmente la base matificante che se si applica troppo si rischia un risultato irregolare durante l’applicazione del fondotinta.

NABLA Eyeshadows

Dessa ögonskuggor är helt underbara, allt från förpackningen till kvaliten är på topp!

These eyeshadows ar so wonderful, everything from the packaging to the quality is on top!

Questi ombretti sono meravigliosi, tutto dal confezionamento alla qualità è al top!

SIGMA Warm Neutral – Professional Makeup Collection

Jag har länge gått och tittat på denna palett från Sigma och kan intyga att dessa ögonskuggor är riktigt fina och kvaliten är på topp.

I’ve been looking at this palette from Sigma for a long time and can verify that the eyeshadows ar really beautiful and have a great quality.

E’ da tanto che ho guardato questa palette da Sigma e posso confermare che questi ombretti sono bellissimi e hanno una ottima qualità.

KIKO Infinity Eyeshadows

Jag valde att köpa dessa nio ögonskuggor från KIKO. Jag älskar färgerna och tycker att kvaliten ar riktigt bra.

I chose to buy these nine eyeshadows from KIKO. I love the colors and think the quality is really good.

Ho scelto di comprare questi nove ombretti da KIKO. Amo i colori e penso che la qualità sia molto buona.

New In Products

För ett par veckor sedan fick jag hem min beställning från Beautybay. Jag är riktigt nöjd med alla produkter som ni kommer att få se här under.

A couple of weeks ago I got my order from Beautybay. I’m really satisfied with all products that I’ll show you here under.

Un paio di settimane fa ho ricevuto mio ordine da Beautybay. Sono contentissima di tutti prodotti che vi faccio vedere qui sotto.


Om ni funderar på att beställa Dipbrow Pomade har Beautybay de bästa priserna för tillfället. Jag köpte mina för €11 styck, andra hemsidor tar upp till €17 och mer! Kollade precis Beautybay och nu ligger priset på €12… vilket är ett toppen pris då dessa produkter är fantastiska. Jag kan inte vara utan de längre. Beställde även Brow Wiz i färgen Taupe (tror det är det nya namnet för Ash Blonde), de sneda ögonbrynspenslarna nr15 och nr7 och det efterlängtade Contour Kit:et!

If you’re valuating to order Dipbrow Pomade Beautybay really has the best prices for the moment. I bought mine for €11 each, on other websites I’ve seen prices going up to around €17 or more! Just checked Beautybay and now they cost €12…which still is a great price since these products are amazing. I can’t be without them. I aslo ordered Brow Wiz in color Taupe (I think it’s the new name for Ash Blonde), the angeld brow brushes nr15 and nr7 and the so longed-for Contour Kit!

Se state valutando di comprare Dipbrow Pomade il sito Beautybay ha i prezzi migliori per il momento. Ho pagato €11 ciascuno, mentre su altri siti ho visto prezzi da €17 o sopra! Ho appena controllato su Beautybay ed ora costando €12…un prezzo ancora molto conveniente per prodotti così ottimi. Io non riesco a starli senza. In più ho ordinato Brow Wiz nel colore Taupe (penso sia il nuovo nome per Ash Blonde), i pennelli nr15 e nr7 e l’atteso Contour Kit!

Contour Kit:et är fantastiskt bra. Jag har använt det massor sedan det kom, framför allt att skugga och highlighta ansiktet med men även till många ögonsminkningar. Helt klart att rekommendera. Det ända negativa är det de kostar en hel del.

The Contour Kit is amazingly good. I’ve used it so much since it came, mostly for contouring obviously but also for many eye makeups. It’s absolutely to recommend. The only negative thing is that it costs a lot.

Il Contour Kit è fantastico. L’ho usato tantissimo da quando è arrivato, soprattutto per il viso ma anche per truccare gli occhi. Lo posso veramente raccomandare. L’unica cosa negativa è che costa tantissimo.


Dessa godingar var prisnedsänkta och eftersom jag använt den svarta länge och det är en av mina svarta favorit eyeliners så passade jag på att prova även färgerna dark brown och cobalt. Jag älskar dem! Dessa eyeliner sitter som berget hela dagen utan att försvinna det minsta lilla.

These babies was on sale and because I’ve been using the black one for so long and it’s one of my favorite black eyeliners I also wanted to try the colors dark brown and cobalt. I love them! These eyeliners really do what they promise, they stay on all day without fading.

Questi amori erano a saldo e siccome ho usato il nero per tanto tempo ed è uno dei miei eyeliners neri preferiti ho voluto provare anche i colori dark brown e cobalt. Li adoro! Questi eyeliners rimangono davvero tutto il giorno senza andare via.


Denna ögonfransböjare är toppenbra. Är glad att jag beställde den då den böjer mina ögonfransar perfekt. Med i förpackingen kommer även ett par ”gummilist” byten.

This Lash Curler is great. I’m happy to finallly have found one that bends my eyelashes perfectly. In the package you also get a spare set of the silicone rubber pads.

Questo piegaciglia è ottimo. Sono felice di finalmente aver trovato uno che piega le mie ciglia alla perfezione. Nella confezione avrai anche un paio di cuscinetti di gomma per ricambio.

TANGLE ANGEL & MACADAMIA Healing Oil Infused Comb

Eftersom mitt hår hade blivit väldigt slitet så kände jag att jag behövde en riktigt bra borste och en kam. Tangle Angel är perfekt att borsta håret med då den lätt reder ut utan att dra med sig en massa hår. Den ska även vara antibakteriell vilket hjälper både borsten och håret att hålla sig rent. Jag använder min till torrt hår. Medan när håret är blött för att lätt reda ut det har jag börjat använda Macadamias Healing Oil Infused kam som är berikad med deras speciella olja. Den reder lätt ut blött hår samtidigt som den oljebandlar håret. För mitt hår är dessa två perfekta.

Since my hair had become really damaged lately I felt that I needed a new good hairbrush and a comb. Tangle Angel is great to brush your hair with since it easliy detangles the hair without dragging it off. The Tangle Angel hair brush is developed with an effective anti-bacterial agent, which helps to keep the brush and hair clean. I use mine when my hair is dry. Instead for wet hair I’ve started to use the Macadamia Healing Oil Infused Comb which is enriched with their special oil. It easily detangles the hair, whilst the oil is distributed throughout the hair. For my hair these two are great.

Siccome i miei capelli erano diventati molto danneggati ultimamento avevo bisogno di una nuova spazzola e un nuovo pettine. La spazzola Tangle Angel è ottima è aiuta tantissimo senza strappare via i capelli. In più è antibatterico cosa che aiuta a tenere sia la spazzola ed i capelli puliti. La mia la uso con i cappelli asciutti. Mentre per i capelli bagnati ho iniziato ad usare il pettine Macadamia Healing Oil Infused Comb. Questo pettine è arricchito con la loro olio speciale per cui ogni volta che si usa l’olio viene distribuito tra i capelli. Per i miei capelli questi due sono molto buoni.

Har ni någon av dessa produkter som ni gillar speciellt mycket eller skulle vilja prova?
Ha en riktigt bra start på veckan!

Do you have any of these products that you really like or would like to try?
Have a great start of the new week!

Avete qualche prodotto di questi che proprio vi piace o vorrebbe provare?
Buon inizio della settimana!

Too Faced Chocolate Bar and Make Up Forever Studio Case

I fredags blev det en sväng till Sephora. Jag handlade inte bara till mig utan fixade även några julklappar. Jag hade 20% rabatt så dessa två paletter fick följa med mig hem. 🙂 Too Faced Chocolate Bar och Make Up Forevers Studio Case. Båda två är fantastiska och här under kan ni se närmare hur de ser ut.

Last Friday I took a trip to Sephora. I didn’t just buy for myself, but I also bought some Christmas presents. I had a 20% off so these two palettes got to come home with me. 🙂 Too Faced Chocolate Bar and Make Up Forevers Studio Case. These palettes are both amazing and you’ll get a closer look here below.

Venerdì scorso sono andata da Sephora. Non ho comprato solo per me, ma sono anche riuscita a trovare qualche regalo di natale. Avevo 20% di sconto per cui queste due palette sono venute a casa con me. 🙂 Too Faced Chocolate Bar and Make Up Forever Studio Case. Sono ottime tutte e due a qui sotto vedrete meglio come sono.


Jag tror inte någon har kunnat missa denna palett. Jag har länge gått och funderat på den men alltid tyckt att den varit lite för dyr. Men på Sephora var faktiskt priset bättre än jag sett på nätet och med rabatten jag hade kunde jag inte motstå längre. Jag är riktigt glad att jag köpte den. Den är underbar och doftar choklad. Om du inte gillar choklad doft så är den såklart inte för dig.
De 16 ögonskuggorna är riktigt pigmenterade och lätta att arbeta, skugga och sota med. 6 av dem är matta och resten skimmriga.

I don’t think anyone have missed this palette. I’ve been checking it out for a long time but always thought it was bit too expensive. But actually at Sephora the price was better than what I had seen on internet and with the discount I had I couldn’t resist anymore. I’m so happy I got it. It’s wonderful and has this chocolate flavour. If you don’t like the flavour of chocolate this palette isn’t for you obviously.
The 16 eyeshadows are really pigmented and easy to work and blend with. 6 of the are matte and the rest shimmery.

Non penso che nessuno abbia perso di vedere questa palette. E’ da molto che la stavo valutando ma la vedevo un pò troppo cara. Ma da Sephora il prezzo era meglio rispetto su internet e con lo sconto che avevo non sono riuscita a resistere. Sono contentissima di averla comprata. E’ una palette stupenda e profuma di chocolato. Ovviamente se non ti piace il profumo di chocolato questa palette non è per te.
Gli 16 ombretti sono molto pigmentati e facile sia da lavorare che sfumare. 6 di loro sono opachi ed i restanti scintillanti.


Jag hade inte sett den här paletten innan och jag antar att den såklart är gjord nu inför julen. Jag har aldrig provat Make Up Forevers ögonskuggor tidigare så jag är glad att jag köpte den. Man får 12 mindre ögonskuggor och deras make up pensel, Premium Brush, som är toppen. De 12 ögonskuggorna är skimmriga utan svarta under *Smoky och den vita under *Natural som är matta. De är alla fint pigmenterade och lätta och jobba och sota med. Sen är ju förpackingen så fin.

I hadn’t seen this palette earlier and I quess it’s made for the Christmas season. I’ve never tried out Make up Forevers eyeshadows before so I’m glad I bought it. You get 12 smaller eyeshadows and their Premium Brush that’s fantastic. The 12 eyeshadows are shimmery except the black one under *Smoky and the white one uner *Natural that are matte. They are all beautifully pigmented and easy to work and blend. And I love the case they come in.

Non avevo visto questa palette prima e presumo sia fatto ovviamente per le feste natalizie. Non ho mai provato gli ombretti da Make Up Forever prima e sono contenta di aver comprato questa palette. Dentro si trovano 12 ombretti ed il pennello Premium Brush che è ottimo. Gli 12 ombretti sono scintillanti tranne il nero sotto *Smoky ed il bianco sotto *Natural che sono opache. Sono tutti molto pigmentati e facile da lavorare e sfumare. In più la vaglietta è bellissima.

New In – *Anastasia Beverly Hills Tamanna Palette & *Stila Eyes Are The Window Shadow Palette

Dessa älskade produkter kom hem till mig förra veckan från Beautybay.

These beloved products came home to me last week from Beautybay.

Questi prodotti amati sono arrivati a casa mia settimana scorsa da Beautybay.



I’m in love… Denna fantastiska ögonskuggspalett från Anastasia Beverly Hills i sammarbete med Tamanna, Dressyourface på Instagram, är helt underbar. Dessa ögonskuggor är sammets lena och helt otrolig bra att jobba med. De är väldigt lätta att applicera, blanda och skugga med vilket gör det lätt att få till vackra sminkningar. Även pigmenteringen på ögoskuggorna är på topp. Man riktigt märker att man har en hög kvalitets produkt i sina händer. Sist men inte minst så är förpackingen fantastiskt läcker.

I’m in love… This fantastic eyeshadow palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills in collaboration with Tamanna, Dressyourface, on Instagram, is amazing. The structure of these eyeshadows is velvet smooth and they’re great to work with. They’re easy to apply, mix and blend with which makes it very easy to create gorgeous make ups. Also the pigmentation is on top. You really feel that you’ve a high quality product in your hands. Last but not least, the packaging is incredibly luscious.

Sono innamorata… Questa palette fantastica da Anastasia Beverly Hills in collaborazione con Tamanna, Dressyourface su Instagram, è meravigliosa. La consistenza di questi ombretti è incredibilmente morbida e sono ottimi con cui lavorare. Sono facili da applicare, mischiare e sfumare cosa che fa sì che diventa molto semplice creare un bellissimo trucco. Anche la pigmentazione è al massimo. Senti davvero di avere un prodotto di alta quanlità tra le mani. E non ultimo, la confezione è bellissima.

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.”
-Albert Einstein

Stila är ett smink märke som verkligen imponerat och fortsätter att imponera på mig med sina produkter. Hög kvalitets produkter till modesta priser. Visst, de kostar lite mer, men du kan vara säker på att få toppen produkter. Mitt senaste inköp är denna ögonskuggspalett som heter ”Eyes Are The Window Shadow Palette – Mind”. Den ingår i deras 20-års jubileums kollektion, som totalt erbjuder 4 paletter; Mind, Soul, Body och Spirit. Denna är den ända som har helt matta ögonskuggor i vackra jordnära toner. Stilas matta ögonskuggor är fantastiskt pigmenerade och underbara att jobba med. Sen älskar jag matta sminkningar, de blir och ser så fräsha ut. Denna palett kommer med 12 ögonskuggor. Strukturen på dem är mjuka och lena och vissa känns nästan lite krämiga på ett bra sätt. Förpackingen är smyckes inspirerad och känns riktigt lyxig.

Stila is a make up brand that has impressed and continues to impress me with their products. High quality products to modest prices. Sure, they cost a little bit, but in exchange you can be sure you get great products. My last purchase is this eyeshadow palette that’s called ”Eyes Are The Window Shadow Palette – Mind”. It’s included in their 20th anniversary collection, that totally offers 4 eyeshadow palettes; Mind, Soul, Body and Spirit. This one is the only with totally matte eyeshadows in down to earth shades. Stila’s matte eyeshadows are incredibly pigmented and wonderful to work with. I adore matte make ups, they look so nice and fresh. This palette comes with 12 eyeshadows. The structure of them is soft and smooth and some feels almost a bit creamy in a good way. The packaging is jewelry inspired and feels very luxury.

Stila è una marca di cosmetica che mi ha colpito e continua ad impressionarmi con i loro prodotti. Offrono prodotti ad alta qualità a prezzi moderati. Ovviamente costa un pò di più ma puoi stare tranquillo che avrai dei ottimi prodotti. Mio ultimo acquisto è questa palette che si chiama ”Eyes Are The Window Shadow Palette – Mind”. Fa parte della collezione del loro 20° anniversario, che offre un totale di 4 diverse palette d’ombretti; Mind, Soul, Body e Spirit. Questa è l’unica completamente opaca in tonalità neutrali di terra. Gli ombretti opachi della Stila sono molto pigmentati e fantastici da applicare e lavorare. Adoro i trucchi opachi, sono sempre belli e freschi. In questa palette trovi 12 ombretti. La consistenza è molto soffice e morbida ed alcuni sembrano quasi cremosi in modo positivo. La confezione è molto lussuosa ed è stata ispirata dai gioielli.

New In – NYX & Bdellium Tools

NYX Xtreme Lip Cream

Jag har verkligen fått smak för NYX Xtreme lip cream. De ger ett krämigt täckande resultat som sitter i. Jag beställde nyligen de har två färgerna.

I’ve really fallen for NYX Xtreme lip cream. These ones give a creamy covering result that’s long lasting. I recently ordered these two shades.

Mi piace davvero tanto Xtreme lip cream da NYX Cosmentics. Sono cremosi e molto coprenti ed il colore è a lunga durata. Recentemente ho ordinato questi due colori.

  Bdellium Tools

954 duet fiber slanted kabuki
Professionell ekovänlig make up borste med ett tåligt rosa bambu handtag. Med denna vinklade kabuki borste kan du lätt applicera alla typer av ansikts smik. Jag använder min till foundation och den är fantastisk.

954 duet fiber slanted kabuki
Professionel eco-friendly make up brush with pink sustainable bamboo handle. With this slanted kabuki brush you can apply all formulations. I use mine for the foundation and it’s wonderful.

954 duet fiber slanted kabuki
Un pennello kabuki ecologico con la maniglia in rosa bambù. Con questo pennello kabuki inclinato puoi applicare tanti tipi di prodotti per il viso. Io uso il mio per la fondotinta ed è fantastico.


706 ultra fine eyeliner
med denna extra tunna eyeliner pensel kan du lätt skapa tunna noggranna linjer. Jag har många eyeliner penslar men denna blev direkt en favorit. Dessa syntetiska hårstrån är precis lagom hårda för att göra en perfekt eyeliner. Jag föredrar att inte ha de för mjuka eftersom jag mest använder mig av gel eyeliner.

706 ultra fine eyeliner
with this extra fine eyeliner brush you can easy create fine precise lines. I’ve many eyeliner brushes and this one is one of my favorites. These synthetic bristles are just enough stiff to get a perfect accurate eyeliner. I prefer them not to be to soft since I mainly use gel eyeliners.

706 ultra fine eyeliner
con questo eyeliner finissimo puoi facilmente creare linee precise. Ho tanti pennelli per eyeliner e questo è diventato subito un preferito. Le setole sintetiche sono abbastanza rigide per fare un eyeliner preciso. Io preferisco non averli troppo morbide visto che soprattutto uso l’eyeliner in gel.