EuPhidra Eyeshadow palette Dream Velvet

I got this 5 eyeshadow palette from Euphidra a couple of weeks ago. I’ve often been using it when I work in pharmacies but never tried it out on myself. So when I got it as a present I was so happy! The eyeshadows are completely matte, they’re smooth and buttery and very blendable. You can easily create everything from a soft everyday look to a hot smokey eye.
The look I made with this palette is very classic. I just added some gold underneath the lower lashline to make the look a bit more fun. I used Motives Cosmetics antique gold eyeshadow for that. On the lips I used Euphidra’s new lipstick RS01, that you can find swatches on in a few blog posts back.

Have a wonderful week!


New Products from EuPhidra

For you that don’t know and have never heard about the Italian cosmetic brand called Euphidra I can tell you that this brand got created in 1999 by the Italian pharmaceutical company called Zeta Farmaceutici. If you’re intrested to know more about them you can visit their website here. Their products are only sold through pharmacies.

They recently updated their whole makeup line and in this post I’ll show you a few of the new products; eyeshadows, blushes and lipsticks. They got many more products but I don’t have the possibility to show everything. However I’m very glad to sometimes work with them, specially now when everything is new. They got a whole range of other products such as facial creams, facial cleansers etc…the list is long and I can really recommend their products. They got something for all ages, different skintypes and most importantly all their products are produced in Italy in their pharmaceutical laboratory with safe ingredients that works perfectly also on who has very vulnerable and sensitive skin.

Here are the new eyeshadows. All of them are satinated, they are very soft and easy to work with and blends perfectly. With an eyeprimer underneath they’re very long lasting.

The new lipsticks are amazing, everything from the shades to how they last for hours without drying out the lips. They come in four shiny shades and four matte shades. My absolute favorite for the moment is the number RS01. I’ve been using it frequently since over a month now. Here under you can see the swatches in sunlight and daylight.

I also really like the new blushes they made. They come in three different shades and sometimes I also like to use them in the eyemakeup. All of them are matte and blends out great over the cheeks giving them a soft healthy look.

With these new products I created the look you see here under. On the lips I used the shiny lisptick number RS03. The black eyeliner is done using Euphidra’s waterproof black eyepencil number EA01.

Have a wonderful week now!!! ❤

Too Faced – Natural Matte Look

This Natural Matte eyeshadow palette from Too Faced has been one of those palettes I’ve been looking at for a long time without purchase, but when the right occasion showed up I just had to buy it. It’s one of those perfect ”easy to go” everyday palettes, and it hasn’t let me down. I really like it and use it a lot. The shadows are very soft with a good pigmentation and very blendable. With the right primer under they last without problem the whole day.

Have a wonderful weekend now!!! Here in Florence it just started to rain.

Here’s one look a created a while ago using this eyeshadow palette. I combined it with a strong matte lip using one of Euphidra’s new lipsticks.

  1. Prime the eyelids with Urban Decay’s eyeshadow primer potion anti-aging. Highlight under the eyebrows with Heaven.
  2. Blend in Lace Teddy above the crease.
  3. Right under blend in Strapless.
  4. Add intesity to the outer V with Risqué and blend outwards and up in the crease.
  5. Apply Chocolate Cookie over the middle mobile eyelid.
  6. In the inner part of the mobile eyelid apply Honey Butter.
  7. Apply Heaven to the inner corner of the eye.
  8. Along the lower lashline apply Risqué.
  9. Blend it out using Strapless.
  10. Apply an eyeliner using Euphidra’s waterproof eyepencil EA04 Terra Bruciata and smudge it out.
  11. Apply Euphidra’s lengthening mascara.
  12. Contour the face using ABH Contour Kit. On the cheeks apply Sigma’s Powder Blush in Cheeky.
  13. On the lips apply Euphidras Lipstick Rosso Labbra Mat RM01. Done!

Huda Beauty – Textured Shadows Palette – Rose Gold Edition

One eyeshadow palette that has been on my mind for months now is the Huda Beauty Textured Shadows Palette Rose Gold Edition. Finally about three weeks ago it came back in stock on Cultbeauty. It sold out as fast as it came in…which is kind of scary…:-) I was lucky though to get my hands on it this round! I can become slightly obsessed if I see an eyeshadow palette that I really want! It’s been a while since I had that feeling so getting this gorgeous palette really had my mood flying high up! Once arrived I felt like a child on Christmas Day… I’ve read lots of comments about this palette, both positive and negative, so I was really curious to find out my own opinion. I paid £56.00 for it which I think is a good price thinking about that you get 18 eyeshadows.

Many comments I’ve read about this palette have complained about the packaging, saying that it’s too simple and floppy. I insead find the packaging perfect! It’s practical and easy to use, really lightweighted, which is important when you work with makeup. This palette you can bring with you everywhere without problem. I hate too bulky makeup packaging. I’m a huge fan of the Z-palettes and this one is a similar version of them, just perfect.

The eyeshadows are spectacular!!! In this palette you find 18 ultra-versatile powder shadows; six ”3D Metals”, two ”Chromatic Pressed Pearls” and 10 ”Saturated Mattes”. They’re silky smooth, blendable, so pigmented, loooong lasting and the 3D Metals are creamy and should for best color payoff be applied with your fingers!
Two days ago at work I did my makeup using this palette at six in the morning and when I came back home at nine in the evening the eyemakeup was still as it was early that morning! That for me means everything! I’m in love with this palette!

After 30 minutes of taking photos of this palette I couldn’t keep my hands off the eyeshadows any longer. Here comes the swatches in sunlight and daylight.

What to say, this is exactly one of those palettes that I’ll use frequently and it’s already on my top three list of eyeshadow palettes! I love love love it! It makes me happy everytime I open it, and you can make endless amounts of makeup looks with this one, from the most neutral to the most dramatic! ❤

Just to show you really quickly how the eyeshadows turn out on the lid I created this simple makeup look yesterday using these eyeshadows:


Let it Glow – New Products – Reviews


I finally got my hands on the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit. This is one of those products I really have desired since it came out but waited to order until I had read what people thought about it. I read more pros than cons about it, so that’s why it’s here with me now 😉 . The first thing you notice is the lovely product presentation, you really can’t keep your hands from those glowy shades.The quality is great, the shadows are really compact, they’re not too powdery, and each shade weights 4,5 grams. The palette gives you a lot of product.

The glow kit really lives up to its name, it’s very glowy and shiny! I bought it since I don’t have many highlighters. I just have a few, a bit less glittery than these once, so I’m really glad I got it in order to complete my collection. These highlighters are metallic, both glittery and shimmery, and the result you get on the skin once applied is amazing, you really feel luminous. If you don’t exaggerate you can easily use these highlighters also for daytime. I would recommend to use them more intensely for special makeups and evening makeups. On me I find that the highlighters last good during the day, they do fade away a little bit but after many hours. For example I applied them this morning at seven setting everything with a makeup setting spray, and now it’s almost two o’clock in the afternoon and I notice that a bit of the highlighting is gone. But at the same time I think it’s kind of normal, I didn’t overdo the hightighting this morning, so I’m sure if you add more product the duration will be longer.

The price is €55, a bit pricey, and in my opinion it should cost a bit less, but if you think about that each shade cost around €9 the price makes sense. It’s a fair price.
(The only thing that makes me a bit disappointed with a few of these products from ABH is that they’re made in China…like this one… It doesn’t mean that the quality and the production controls are bad but as you know the production costs are much lower than if made elsewhere…I just hope they’ve high production standards…)

Here under you can see the swatches in sunlight and in daylight. I’ll try to create a look using this kit as soon as possible.


I also ordered this Pro Pencil in Base 1, which is for light to medium skin tones. As written on it you can use this Pro Pencil as an eye shadow and lip primer, to prevent feathering of color, and as a color corrector to conceal blemishes, dark circles and flaws. I’ll mainly use it to highlight under the eyebrows, but you can also use it to cover brow hairs as they grow back in and for highlighting on face and neck. It’s a convenient product since it does the work of 5 products in one pencil. You do not get much product but for the use I’ll do I’m sure it’ll last for a while. I just tried it out this morning and it really makes the highlighting under the eyebrows easy, once applied just blend it out with a brush and you’re done. The cost for this pencil is €16,20.


I also ordered other two of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz, one in color Blonde and one in color Soft Brown. I’ve been using the color Taupe since two years and for me that’s the perfect shade. This Blonde shade also works great for me, specially when I want to have a bit lighter look, for example in the beginning of the eyebrows. The color Soft Brown I needed to complete my freelance kit, I’ll use this one for clients. The Brow Wiz pencil is really my favorite brow product, it makes it so easy to draw and fill in your eyebrows and the result is beautiful and natural.


Last but not least I got myself this fantastic liner brush. I just have to say WOW, beacuse finally Sigma made a fabulous brush for eyeliner application! I love how its bent and that the tip is so precise. I know I’m going to love this liner brush!

Illamasqua, YSL, Stila & False Eyelashes

Lip Colouring Pencil Media, Lipstick Corrupt & Vanitas Matte Lipstick Wanton

I’ve been wanting to try Illamasqua’s lip products for such a long time so when Beautybay offered a good discount a couple of weeks ago I ordered them. I went for three different matte pink shades. I’m really satisfied with my choise even though the swatches I watched before doing the order didn’t corrispond excatly how I imagined them to be.

The lip colouring pencil Media is amazing. It transfers the color onto the lips really easy and you can use this one as it is by itself without adding any lipstick over. The color is beautiful and long lasting. (I normally use the lipprimer from NYX before applying.) But at the same time it’s perfect as a base color for the other two lipsticks. The cost for this lippencil is €18,60.

The lipstick in color Corrupt is also a lovely, yet more vibrant, pink shade. The consistency is a bit try, a little bit too try for my personal taste, but once onto the lips it doens’t feel dry at all, and that’s the most important. It can easily be used by itself without a lippencil under since it gives the lips a strong color. The lipstick is long lasting, and it takes a couple of hours before you need to apply it again. The cost for this lipstick is €22,90.

The Vanitas Matte Lipstick in color Wanton feels a bit more luxury, from the packaging to the product itself. I adore this shade. It’s wearable and perfect for an everyday use. I normally wear this one with the lip colouring pencil Media underneath, but it looks great also by itself. Also here the consistency is a bit try while applying but on the lips that’s not the feeling so overall I really like this lipstick. It has often a fixed place in my makeup bag in my purse since I got it. The color lasts for hours. This one costs €26,20.

Blush Volupté Passionnee nr 6

Last year while working in different makeup stores I worked specifically for YSL and many times while doing makeup on clients I used these blushes. This shade that I’ve bought is my personal favorite shade. It’s a medium, warm-toned pink with a golden shimmer in it with a soft, frosted finish. The consistency of the powder is very silky and very easy to apply. Even thought this shade has a soft shimmer to it it doesn’t leave the skin too luminous, instead it gives the cheeks a healthy and beautiful color. The duration of this blush is very high, of course it depends a bit on the skintype you’ve, but personally it lasts from six to eight hours. It also has a pleasant fragrance. If you have tried their gloss volupté you’ll find that the fragrance is almost identical. At Sephora this blush costs €46,90.

Stay Alla Day Precision Glide Brow Pencil Blonde

I ordered this browpencil out of curiosity. I hadn’t read any reviews or checked out any other information than what the product description said before buying it. Since I love every Stila product I’ve I wanted to give this one a try. The packaging is beautiful, very similar to other makeup brand’s eyebrow pencils except the gold and blue colors which give the pencil a more elegant look.
But now to the product itself. I bought the color blonde for me even thought other brands blonde colors sometimes can be a bit too light for me. So I knew it could be risky, and unfortunately that’s also the case here.
Even thought it’s not completely the perfect shade for me I use it a lot, but only in the beginning of my eyebrows. After I always finish with Anastasia Berverly Hills Brow Wiz in the shade Taupe (which is my perfect eyebrow color). I’ve been using this technique for a long time, to start a bit lighter in the beginning of the eyebrows and to finish one shade over from the middle to the end of the eyebrow. In this way I find, at least for me, that the eyebrow looks less heavy and a bit more natural. The final result with this specific blonde color is great. The consisteny is a bit hard which makes the application a bit tricky, I would have prefered just a tiny bit softer. The duration on the other hand is great, it lasts all day without problem. The cost for this browpencil is €18.


Last but not least I ordered myself a backup of gorgeous eyelashes from False Eyelashes. I’m already a big fan of many of these lashes but two of them are new to me so I really look forward using them in some of my makeup looks  ❤

INGLOT AMC – Eyeliner Gel

Sorry about being away for so long. Unfortunately I haven’t had any time at all to dedicate to the blog lately. It’s been and is still a frenetic time and mentally I’ve been elsewhere. But I’ve got a few new looks coming up and I still get that positive vibe when creating them so I’ll definately continue blogging and hopefully more soon.
Me and my family came back to Italy a few weeks ago from Sweden and now the kids are back in school so more or less everything is back on track again.

Today I wanted to talk about these eyeliner gels from Inglot. They’re really everything! I bought them in the Inglot store in the Mall of Scandinavia in Stockholm about a month ago. Inglot has got so many nice products but I didn’t buy anything else.
Lately I’ve been using the AMC eyeliner gel nr 74 which is a beautiful purple color and I really love it. The best thing about it, which is actually hard to find in a gel eyeliners, is that it’s completely waterproof! It doesn’t smudge nor fade away during the day, which a few ”higher” brands gel eyeliners can tend to do. I’ve spend double money on ”waterproof” gel eyeliners from other brands and after a few hours I find them in the crease and all smudged out, and that’s not ok(!).

The creamy and delicate formula of this eyeliner gel dries in 60 seconds into a waterproof, smudge proof, and crease proof finish. I can really recommend it. The cost for it is about €15, I paid 140 swedish crowns which is overall the same.

I haven’t opened the black, nr 77, yet so I didn’t swatch them but I’ve got a look for you here under where I used the nr 74 so you can see how gorgeous the purple color is.

Here’s one look that I created using Inglot’s AMC Eyeliner gel 74.


Winner of Kryolan’s limited edition Shades 5 Colors ”200K” give away

Last week I got a private message from Kryolan on Instagram telling me I was one of the lucky winners of their give away. They organized this give away to celebrate they had reached 200K followers on Instagram. To participate you simply had to comment on their post and tell them which type of Kryolan Instagram posts you enjoy reading the most. I did and to my surprise I won. I was really thrilled about it beacuse I normally never win anything. I love matte eyeshadows and these colorful matte eyeshadows from Kryolan are the best! The quality is on top and they’re absolutely gorgeous!

I swatched the eyeshadows and took a quick photo on the makeup I did today using them. They’re so easy to apply and blend with and I’m really happy to own this palette!

Violet Voss Holy Grail Eyeshadow Palette

Two weeks ago I was glad to find this palette from Violet Voss on Beautybay. I was lucky enough to find it exactly the same day when they got it back in stock, beacuse just after a few hours all of them where gone. Wow…we makeup addicts… 🙂
I was really excited to have found it and that it finally was on its way home to me. I’ve been seeing this palette on social medias for a long time and I always been curious about the shades that to me look amazing.

So when I finally got it I wanted to try it out immediately. I took a few pictures of it and swatched it. First impression was that the eyeshadows looked great. Second impression the bad smell…they smelled a bit”cheap”. Don’t get me wrong, this palette just cost €38,20 and that makes every eyeshadow €1,91 which is super cheap. Nothing wrong with cheap eyeshadows but I know for certain when a smell is ”good” or ”bad”. This eyeshadow palette is made in P.R.C. so I just hope they are made in a ”good” way. What I can think of is that if you have sensitive eyes and skin you should probably be careful using this product. I haven’t had any kind of irritation or problem but on the palette they have written clearly as a caution and warning that if signs of irritation or rash appear you should discontinue the use of it. Anyways, the bad smell isn’t longer that strong after that I’ve been using it for a week, so fortunately that doesn’t bother me any longer.
The third impression that I liked a lot is that it’s very neat, doesn’t take much space at all, is really leightweighted and has a good mirror, so it makes it easy to bring with you anywhere.

Now to the eyeshadows. The shades are really beautiful, they are highly pigmented and most important they blend really well and the application is very easy without fall out. With a good eyeprimer they last all day long and I’m very pleased with how the eyeshadows turn out to look around the eye. The list of eye makeups you can do with this palette is almost infinite. The swatches I made for you is on bare shin without primer underneath.
I haven’t got the time yet to take pictures of the makeup looks I’ve done using this palette but I promise I’ll post new looks using this palette as soon as I can.

I would recommend this palette to the persons that haven’t got too sensible eyes and skin, and doesn’t suffer from various types of skin allergies. I suggest always to check the origin of the eyeshadows and where they are made before you order, if you have any of these problems. Because even if it’s a cheap palette it’s better to save these 38 euros for something more appropriate for your eyes and skin.

Violet Voss Holy Grail

Make Up Store’s Microhadows

The first week here in Sweden I went to Make Up Store in the centre of Linköping city to check out all their new products and to purchase a few eyeshadows. I had read on their Facebook page a few weeks ago that they have an offer going on until the end of July on their Microeyeshadows. They are discounted and if you buy four of them they give you the empty eyeshadow palette for free. Since I’m not a big fan of having to many single eyeshadows around I loved the idea of getting the palette to put them all in the same place.

Make Up Store started to renew their product design last year and now all their products got this new design. I’ve used their foundation, powder, eyeshadows, cake eyeliners and lipsticks since a couple of years and always been happy with their products. Since I can’t find their products in Italy (except a few things online) I was finally able to enter their store. It’s also always a nice feeling to be able to try and feel the products before buying them.
I really like their new squared design for the eyeshadows, and also other products. Before their product design was round which isn’t bad either. What’s new more now is that they also got this special pattern that will make them stand out a bit more. The quality was great even before and is obviously also now. The eyeshadows are very big,
4 grams/0,14oz per single eyeshadow and are made in Italy.

I chose three matte shades:
Vanilla – a whitebeige shade. A perfect base, also highlighting, shade. Use it all over the lid or just underneath along the eyebrows.
Enigma – a soft orange shade. A wonderful matte orange color that is perfect to use as a transition color or to blend out darker eyeshadows with. Another tip is to use it also as a blush once in a while.
Fashion – a brown shade. This matte brown is great to use for a brown smokey eye, and of course to create intensity to the outer corner and in the crease with.
And one shimmery shade:
Bronze – a bronze golden shade. Perfect to use on the eyelid for a nice shimmery touch and also very nice to use along the lower lashline.

The consistency of all of them are really silky soft, they’re highly pigmented and long lasting. They’re also enriched with vitamin E and the application is very smooth and you easily get an even result.
Even though I’ve got lots of brown eyeshadows the texture of the one I got here is amazing, so smooth and almost creamy. I couldn’t resist it.
(Unfortunately when I tried to get it out from the packaging it flew down on the floor and the corner of the shadow broke. I was really disappointed but it was completely my fault.)

Here under you get a closeup on the eyeshadows and I’ve also swatched them. I hope to be able to show you a look soon using them.

Take care and I hope you’re having an amzing week! ❤