Wow the weeks are going fast now! I ended last week with some work which always is really nice.
At the same time we had a long weekend since the school decided to do a strike on Friday. That’s Italy… Noone understands why, noone tells you and nothing ever changes…hahaha… Luckily I wasn’t working Friday so I could stay with my children.

So today’s look feels a bit more ”springy”. Light green shades mixed with earthy tones is always a happy mix. I added pink lips to this look to make it even brighter.

Have a wonderful happy week!!! ❤

  1. Prime the eyelids with Urban Decay’s eyeshadow primer anti-aging. Highlight with Brilliance under the eyebrows.
  2. Blend in Wit above the crease.
  3. Right under blend in Perception.
  4. Apply Creativity to the outer part of the mobile eyelid and blend up in the crease and outwards.
  5. Over the mobile eyelid and along the lower lashline apply NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Horse Raddish. Over it apply Nabla’s eyeshadow Citron.
  6. Along the lower lashline apply Nablas’s eyeshadow Citron from the inner part to the middle, and from the middle to the outer part apply Nabla’s eyeshadow Extravirgin.
  7. In the inner corner of the eye apply Nabla’s eyeshadow Madreperla.
  8. Apply Sigma’s Standout eyes gel eyeliner in Liberally Toasted and make a wing. Apply it also in the waterline.
  9. Apply Eyeko’s skinny brush mascara and put on Ardell’s Natural Demi Luvies in Black.
  10. Contour the face using Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit and Glow Kit. On the cheeks apply Yves Saint Laurent Blush Volupté Passionnee nr 6.
  11. Contour and color the lips with Illamasqua Lip Colouring Pencil Media. Over apply Motives for LaLa Mineral Lipstick Beso.
  12. Set the makeup with Urban Decay’s de-slick Makeup Setting Spray.

5 thoughts on “Options

  1. Oh man, the school go on strike for no reason and no warning? At least here they advise in advance and usually it’s about teacher’s wages!
    That Citron shade is so stunning! Now I have to look in my stash to see if I own anything like it. I might have a nail polish that shade. 😛

    • Here in Italy it’s crazy. Even though they give you a waring that that day it could be a strike noone tells you until the school really opens… You have no idea how many times I get upset about these things. Normally they strike about working conditions and wage but even though they do these kinds of strikes once in a while nothing ever changes… The trade unions in Italy doens’t work like in a ”normal” country. Anyway that’s another story.
      I just hope now that we won’t get any more strikes beacuse they create just a lot of chaos.
      Oh let me know if you find that shade, I’m sure that nailpolish looks stunning. 🙂

  2. Ahh wow, that yellow is really poppin, eventhough it looks green in the pan. I really love this look, just like all your others. It’s nice for spring! I also love it that you combine it with a bright pink lip, that makes it even more fun! Wish you a lovely day xo ♥

    • Thank you so much dear!! You see perfectly good, it’s a green shade with a bit of yellow underneath. If it would have been my brand I would have called it Lime instead 😉
      Pink is always a lip color I come back to, it easily brightens up the every day look.
      Have a wonderful weekend!! ❤

      • Haha, yes I agree. It just looks so yellow on your eye but I noticed that the color was green. It still looks gorgeous and I think Lime would’ve been a great name! Wish you a wonderful weekend too!


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