Violet Voss Holy Grail Eyeshadow Palette

Two weeks ago I was glad to find this palette from Violet Voss on Beautybay. I was lucky enough to find it exactly the same day when they got it back in stock, beacuse just after a few hours all of them where gone. Wow…we makeup addicts… 🙂
I was really excited to have found it and that it finally was on its way home to me. I’ve been seeing this palette on social medias for a long time and I always been curious about the shades that to me look amazing.

So when I finally got it I wanted to try it out immediately. I took a few pictures of it and swatched it. First impression was that the eyeshadows looked great. Second impression the bad smell…they smelled a bit”cheap”. Don’t get me wrong, this palette just cost €38,20 and that makes every eyeshadow €1,91 which is super cheap. Nothing wrong with cheap eyeshadows but I know for certain when a smell is ”good” or ”bad”. This eyeshadow palette is made in P.R.C. so I just hope they are made in a ”good” way. What I can think of is that if you have sensitive eyes and skin you should probably be careful using this product. I haven’t had any kind of irritation or problem but on the palette they have written clearly as a caution and warning that if signs of irritation or rash appear you should discontinue the use of it. Anyways, the bad smell isn’t longer that strong after that I’ve been using it for a week, so fortunately that doesn’t bother me any longer.
The third impression that I liked a lot is that it’s very neat, doesn’t take much space at all, is really leightweighted and has a good mirror, so it makes it easy to bring with you anywhere.

Now to the eyeshadows. The shades are really beautiful, they are highly pigmented and most important they blend really well and the application is very easy without fall out. With a good eyeprimer they last all day long and I’m very pleased with how the eyeshadows turn out to look around the eye. The list of eye makeups you can do with this palette is almost infinite. The swatches I made for you is on bare shin without primer underneath.
I haven’t got the time yet to take pictures of the makeup looks I’ve done using this palette but I promise I’ll post new looks using this palette as soon as I can.

I would recommend this palette to the persons that haven’t got too sensible eyes and skin, and doesn’t suffer from various types of skin allergies. I suggest always to check the origin of the eyeshadows and where they are made before you order, if you have any of these problems. Because even if it’s a cheap palette it’s better to save these 38 euros for something more appropriate for your eyes and skin.

Violet Voss Holy Grail


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