Huda Beauty – Textured Shadows Palette – Rose Gold Edition

One eyeshadow palette that has been on my mind for months now is the Huda Beauty Textured Shadows Palette Rose Gold Edition. Finally about three weeks ago it came back in stock on Cultbeauty. It sold out as fast as it came in…which is kind of scary…:-) I was lucky though to get my hands on it this round! I can become slightly obsessed if I see an eyeshadow palette that I really want! It’s been a while since I had that feeling so getting this gorgeous palette really had my mood flying high up! Once arrived I felt like a child on Christmas Day… I’ve read lots of comments about this palette, both positive and negative, so I was really curious to find out my own opinion. I paid £56.00 for it which I think is a good price thinking about that you get 18 eyeshadows.

Many comments I’ve read about this palette have complained about the packaging, saying that it’s too simple and floppy. I insead find the packaging perfect! It’s practical and easy to use, really lightweighted, which is important when you work with makeup. This palette you can bring with you everywhere without problem. I hate too bulky makeup packaging. I’m a huge fan of the Z-palettes and this one is a similar version of them, just perfect.

The eyeshadows are spectacular!!! In this palette you find 18 ultra-versatile powder shadows; six ”3D Metals”, two ”Chromatic Pressed Pearls” and 10 ”Saturated Mattes”. They’re silky smooth, blendable, so pigmented, loooong lasting and the 3D Metals are creamy and should for best color payoff be applied with your fingers!
Two days ago at work I did my makeup using this palette at six in the morning and when I came back home at nine in the evening the eyemakeup was still as it was early that morning! That for me means everything! I’m in love with this palette!

After 30 minutes of taking photos of this palette I couldn’t keep my hands off the eyeshadows any longer. Here comes the swatches in sunlight and daylight.

What to say, this is exactly one of those palettes that I’ll use frequently and it’s already on my top three list of eyeshadow palettes! I love love love it! It makes me happy everytime I open it, and you can make endless amounts of makeup looks with this one, from the most neutral to the most dramatic! ❤

Just to show you really quickly how the eyeshadows turn out on the lid I created this simple makeup look yesterday using these eyeshadows:


6 thoughts on “Huda Beauty – Textured Shadows Palette – Rose Gold Edition

  1. To be honest, I’ve never heard of Huda Beauty until I saw it online. This reminds me of the ABH palette but with foil shadows. So amazing that the shadows are so long wearing! That’s very important to me too. The look you created is beautiful, I love that foil colour ”Rose Gold” that you used.

    • I think I first caught my eyes on Huda Beauty’s palette somewhere in late September early October and since it sold out immediately the waiting time was really long. It reminds a bit of ABH modern renaissance except the foiled eyeshadows. I like this palette a bit more even though both of the palettes are amazing.
      Thank you so much, Rose Gold is a unique color, really beautiful and the shimmer is amazing. Wish you a great weekend!! ❤


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