Pink and Gold Christmas

Today’s look goes in pink, purple and gold shades. These colors make me feel happy and I think it can be a fun alternative look for Christmas, or for one of all the upcoming Christmas parties. These are great shades to make green and brown eyes pop even more.
The AMC eyeliner gel 74 from Inglot that I’ve used for this look is one of the best gel eyeliners I’ve ever tried. I love the purple shade but even better is that this eyeliner really last the whole day without smudging nor ending up in the crease. As I wrote in an earlier post, it’s so hard to find reliable waterproof gel eyeliners, so I’m really glad I took the chance to try it. I’m also trying out their black one now, nr 77, and I’m in love with that one too.

Yesterday I worked, (I did the makeup on 13 people!), and my last working day before the Christmas holidays will be this Friday.
We’re leaving on Saturday morning for the north of Italy and after that we’re going up to Sweden. Tonight and tomorrow I’ve to do all the packing.

Have a great Wednesday!!!

  1. Prime the eyelids con Urban Decay’s eyeshadow primer potion anti-aging. Highlight under the eyebrows with Motives Cosmetics Compact Eyeshadow Creme Fresh.
  2. Blend in Makeup Geek’s eyeshadow Sorbet above the crease.
  3. Right under blend in Makeup Geek’s eyeshadow Simply Marlena.
  4. Apply Makeup Geek’s eyeshadow Carnival over the middle and outer part of the mobile eyelid and blend up in the crease and outwards.
  5. Apply Makeup Geek’s eyeshadow Curfew to the outer part of the mobile eyelid and blend up in the crease and outwards.
  6. In the inner part of the mobile eyelid apply Motives Cosmetics Compact Eyeshadow Pink Diamond.
  7. In the inner corner of the eye apply Motives Cosmetics Compact Eyeshadow Pearl.
  8. Along the lower lashline apply Makeup Geek’s eyeshadow Curfew.
  9. Blend out with Makeup Geek’s eyeshadow Simply Marlena.
  10. In the inner part under the lower lahline apply Makeup Geek’s eyeshadow Antique Gold.
  11. Line upper and lower waterline with Urban Decay’s 24/7 Waterline Eyepencil Rail.
  12. Apply INGLOT’s AMC Eyeliner Gel 74 and make a wing.
  13. Apply Eyeko’s skinny brush mascara and put on Vegas Nay Lashes by Eylure Easy Elegance.
  14. Contour the face using Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit. On the cheeks apply Yves Saint Laurent Blush Volupté Passionnee nr 6.
  15. On the lips apply Illamasqua’s Lipstick Corrupt and over it Yves Saint Laurent Gloss Volupté 1 Golden.
  16. Set the makeup with Urban Decay’s de-slick makeup setting spray. Done!


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