INGLOT AMC – Eyeliner Gel

Sorry about being away for so long. Unfortunately I haven’t had any time at all to dedicate to the blog lately. It’s been and is still a frenetic time and mentally I’ve been elsewhere. But I’ve got a few new looks coming up and I still get that positive vibe when creating them so I’ll definately continue blogging and hopefully more soon.
Me and my family came back to Italy a few weeks ago from Sweden and now the kids are back in school so more or less everything is back on track again.

Today I wanted to talk about these eyeliner gels from Inglot. They’re really everything! I bought them in the Inglot store in the Mall of Scandinavia in Stockholm about a month ago. Inglot has got so many nice products but I didn’t buy anything else.
Lately I’ve been using the AMC eyeliner gel nr 74 which is a beautiful purple color and I really love it. The best thing about it, which is actually hard to find in a gel eyeliners, is that it’s completely waterproof! It doesn’t smudge nor fade away during the day, which a few ”higher” brands gel eyeliners can tend to do. I’ve spend double money on ”waterproof” gel eyeliners from other brands and after a few hours I find them in the crease and all smudged out, and that’s not ok(!).

The creamy and delicate formula of this eyeliner gel dries in 60 seconds into a waterproof, smudge proof, and crease proof finish. I can really recommend it. The cost for it is about €15, I paid 140 swedish crowns which is overall the same.

I haven’t opened the black, nr 77, yet so I didn’t swatch them but I’ve got a look for you here under where I used the nr 74 so you can see how gorgeous the purple color is.

Here’s one look that I created using Inglot’s AMC Eyeliner gel 74.




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