Make Up Store’s Microhadows

The first week here in Sweden I went to Make Up Store in the centre of Linköping city to check out all their new products and to purchase a few eyeshadows. I had read on their Facebook page a few weeks ago that they have an offer going on until the end of July on their Microeyeshadows. They are discounted and if you buy four of them they give you the empty eyeshadow palette for free. Since I’m not a big fan of having to many single eyeshadows around I loved the idea of getting the palette to put them all in the same place.

Make Up Store started to renew their product design last year and now all their products got this new design. I’ve used their foundation, powder, eyeshadows, cake eyeliners and lipsticks since a couple of years and always been happy with their products. Since I can’t find their products in Italy (except a few things online) I was finally able to enter their store. It’s also always a nice feeling to be able to try and feel the products before buying them.
I really like their new squared design for the eyeshadows, and also other products. Before their product design was round which isn’t bad either. What’s new more now is that they also got this special pattern that will make them stand out a bit more. The quality was great even before and is obviously also now. The eyeshadows are very big,
4 grams/0,14oz per single eyeshadow and are made in Italy.

I chose three matte shades:
Vanilla – a whitebeige shade. A perfect base, also highlighting, shade. Use it all over the lid or just underneath along the eyebrows.
Enigma – a soft orange shade. A wonderful matte orange color that is perfect to use as a transition color or to blend out darker eyeshadows with. Another tip is to use it also as a blush once in a while.
Fashion – a brown shade. This matte brown is great to use for a brown smokey eye, and of course to create intensity to the outer corner and in the crease with.
And one shimmery shade:
Bronze – a bronze golden shade. Perfect to use on the eyelid for a nice shimmery touch and also very nice to use along the lower lashline.

The consistency of all of them are really silky soft, they’re highly pigmented and long lasting. They’re also enriched with vitamin E and the application is very smooth and you easily get an even result.
Even though I’ve got lots of brown eyeshadows the texture of the one I got here is amazing, so smooth and almost creamy. I couldn’t resist it.
(Unfortunately when I tried to get it out from the packaging it flew down on the floor and the corner of the shadow broke. I was really disappointed but it was completely my fault.)

Here under you get a closeup on the eyeshadows and I’ve also swatched them. I hope to be able to show you a look soon using them.

Take care and I hope you’re having an amzing week! ❤


3 thoughts on “Make Up Store’s Microhadows

    • Oh I just checked out your post. It’s so sad when that happens, specially when it’s a whole palette.
      It’s a really good thing to be able to customize your palette so you get the colors you prefer. The choise they had was not huge but still very good but I went for the more neutral matte shades, I really can’t have too many matte eyeshadows 😉
      Hope to be able to come up with a look soon!


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