Catch your dreams without falling asleep

Den senaste tiden har varit och är fortfarande väldigt påfrestande vilket gör att min blogg, min passion, hamnar i skymundan. Men jag hoppas kunna komma tillbaka mer effektivt när den här perioden lugnat ner sig.
Hoppas allt ar bra med er och att ni har en fin vecka.

The latest period has been and is still very exhausting which impedes me to have the time to follow up my passion, my blog. But I hope to be able to come back more effective as soon as this period has calm down.
I hope everything is great with you and that you’re having a beautiful week.

L’ultimo periodo è stato ed è ancora molto estenuante e non riesco ad avere ne il tempo ne la giusta carica per la mia passione, mio blog. Spero di riuscire a tornare più efficacemente appena questo periodo si calmi.
Spero stiate tutti bene e che passiate una bella settimana.

  1. Prime the eyelids with Too Faced shadow insurance. Apply W.O.S. over the browbone.
  2. Highlight under the eyebrows with VENUS.
  3. Blend in NAKED2 above the crease.
  4. Apply FAINT to the outer V and blend up in the crease and outwards.
  5. Add intensity to the outer V by applying CRAVE and blend out.
  6. Over the mobile eyelid apply ATMOSPHERE.
  7. Apply MADREPERLA to the inner corner of the eye.
  8. Apply UD 24/7 glide-on eyepencil as an eyeliner and smudge out. Line also upper and lower waterline with it.
  9. Under the lower lashline apply FAINT from the middle to the outer part.
  10. In the inner part under the lower lashline apply and blend out EXTRAVIRGIN.
  11. Apply mascara.
  12. Contour the face using ABH Contour Kit. On the cheeks apply Sephora’s blush Romantic Rose.
  13. Line the lips using KIKO’s Precision Lip pencil and over it apply a lipbalm.
  14. Set the makeup using Motives Cosmetics No More Shine makeup setting spray. Done!

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