A few new in products


Det här läppstiftet från Nabla Cosmetics är helt fantastiskt! Det är nog det första matta läppstift jag testar på som verkligen inte torkar ut läpparna. Det lämnar läpparna mjuka och lena och färgen håller dessutom väldigt länge.

This lipstick from Nabla Cosmetics is incredible! It’s probably the first matte lipstick I’m trying that doesn’t dry out the lips. The lips remains soft and smooth and the color is very long lasting.

Questo rossetto di Nabla Cosmetics è incredibile! E’ probabilmente il primo rossetto che abbia provato che veramente non seccha le labbra. Le labbra rimangono idratate e morbide tutto il tempo ed il colore è a lunga tenuta.


När jag fyllde år fick jag dessa tre fina skimmriga ögoskuggor som present från Sephora. De är riktigt pigmenterade och min favorit är Movie Popcorn. Hur bra det är talar jag om så fort jag testat på dem.

When I had my birthday I recieved these three beautiful shimmery eyeshadows as a gift from Sephora. They’re really pigmented and my favorite is Movie Popcorn. I’ll let you know how they are as soon as I try them.

Quando ho avuto mio compleanno ho ricevuto come regalo questi tre bellissimi scintillanti ombretti da Sephora. Sono molto pigmentati e mio preferito è Movie Popcorn. Vi farò sapere come sono appena li ho provato.


Denna innovativa hårborste från Tangle Teezer är speciellt gjord för användning då man torkar håret med hårfön. Full Paddle är designad till medium/långt hår. Piggarna är väldigt speciella och bredare längst ner vilket gör att när man kammar håret så hjälper de till att avlägsna överflödigt vattnet snabbare, ger håret volym och gör det friss-fritt. Det bästa är att den sliter inte på håret.
Borsten är dessutom väldigt lätt att hålla ren då det finns ett mitten skåra och på sidorna som gör det enkelt att avlägsna hår som fastnar i borsten utan att skada piggarna med hjälp av t.ex. en pinnkam.
Till mitt hår fungerar den här borsten perfekt, men kom ihåg att den är speciellt gjord för hårtorking så unvik att använda den att borsta och reda ut torrt hår med.

This innovative paddle brush from Tangle Teezer is specially made for using when blow drying your hair. The Full Paddle is designed for medium to long hair. The teeth are made in a very special way and are larger at the base which will help to quick dry the hair while using a hairdryer by rapidly extract surface water from the hair shaft, give the hair volume and a frizz-free finish. But the best is that it’s very gentle to the hair.
The brush is also very easy to keep clean since it has cleaning grooves that make it easy to remove hair by using for example a tail comb.
For my hair this brush works great, but remember that it’s specially made for hair drying so avoid using it to comb dry hair with.

Questa spazzola innovativa da Tangle Teezer è fatta specialmente per l’asciugatura e lo styling dei capelli con il phon. Il Full Paddle è addatto per il cappello medio/lungo. I dentini sono molto particolari e più larghi alla base e aiuteranno a rimuovere rapidamente l’eccesso di aqcua dai capelli, danno volume e rimuovono l’effetto crespo. Ma la cosa migliore è che sono molto delicati durante la pettinatura.
E’ anche molto facile tenerla pulita perché ha tre incavature dove è molto facile passare un pettine per rimuovere i capelli rimasti.
Per i miei capelli funziona benissimo, ma ricordatevi che è fatto unicamente per l’asciugatura dei capelli per cui evita di usarla per spettinare capelli asciutti.



5 thoughts on “A few new in products

  1. How interesting! The Sephora birthday present in North America is 2 mini Nars jump lip pencils. I think I like your version better! I have a bunch of Sephora branded eye shadows and they’re very good quality – and they’re made in Italy. 🙂 Nice little haul!

    • Oh that’s so interesting to hear. Probably all coutries offer different types of gifts. This is the first time I actually get a birthday gift from Sephora, and I’m a client since a long time. It’s nice when they offer to their clients these types of gifts. Makes you feel appreciated! 🙂 They seem fantastic! I’ll let you know! Have a beautiful weekend! ❤

  2. Wow! Brush looks so interesting:) Do you have favorite hair care products? Your hair always looks so good in makeup posts:)

    • Hi Anastasia!! The brush was a really nice surprise actually, I just bought it by chance and it turned out fantastic. Thank you so much, but in reality my hair is really weak since almost 9 months back. I don’t know what happened to it, but since I went to my hairdresser I started to use only the Kerastase Resistance line again. It’s kind of expensive so I try to wash my hair a bit less and use less product. For the moment the products I use are the shampoo Force Architecte Bain and the Masque Force Architecte. Afterwards to protect from heat I use the Ciment thermique. And to finish it all the Fibre Architecte which is a great serum for damaged hair to help it get stronger and heal. I love the products and I think I see some improvement. When I curl my hair with the flat iron I protect it with Ghd Heat Protect Spray. I normally just do that once a week lately since I know the hair can take damage of it if you use it too much even with all the right products. Hope it was helpful dear!! Send you lots of love!!!

      • Thank you very much for such good reply! Wish you to get good results with your hair! I didn’t try anything from Kerastase but now I’m interested to check their force line. My hair is fine so I think it should suit me.
        Have a nice day!:)


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