Idag verkar våren så långt bort man bara kan komma, det regnar och blåser ute just nu. Min lilla tjej har dessutom varit hemma från skolan med ont i halsen och feber. Jag ringde hennes doktor och vi fick komma direkt. Det visade sig (som jag anade) att hon hade fått streptokocker…igen! Så nu bli det en 10-dagars penicillinkur. Det enda jag hoppas nu är att vi övriga familjemedlemmar blir besparade på denna tortyr! Vi brukar ofta åka på det allihopa då någon av oss har det… Jag har själv ont i halsen sen ett par dagar men jag hoppas bara det är en vanlig förkylning.
Denna sminkning gjorde jag för ett tag sedan där jag använde mig av Urban Decay’s första Vice palette! Den är fortfarande en storfavorit!
Ha en underbar start på veckan!

Today the spring seems as far away as it possibly can get, it’s raining and is really windy outside. My little girl has been home from school today with a sore throat and fever. I called her doctor and we could come immediately. It showed (as I sensed) that she got streptococcus…again! So now she has to take penicillin for 10 days! The only thing I hope now is that we remaining family members will be spared of this torture! We normally get contaminated all of us once one of us get it… Myself have been having a sore throat for a couple of days now but I hope it’s just a normal cold.
I did this makeup a while ago using the first Vice palette from Urban Decay. It’s still a big favorite of mine!
Have a wonderful start of the week!

Oggi la primavera sembra essere sparita completamente, piove e c’è tanto vento fuori. Mia figlia è stata a casa oggi dalla scuola con mal di gola e febbre. Ho telefonato al suo pediatra che ci ha fatto venire subito. Come si voleva dimostrare ha ripreso lo streptococco… Per 10 giorni deve prendere l’antibiotico. Ora spero solo che noi altri membri della famiglia saremo risparmiati da questa tortura! Purtroppo, normalmente, lo prediamo tutti appena uno di noi l’ha preso… Io stesso, da un paio di giorni ho mal la gola ma spero sia solo una semplice raffreddore.
Ho fatto questo trucco un pò di tempo fa usando la prima Vice palette della Urban Decay. E’ ancora un grande favorito!
Vi auguro una bellissima settimana!

  1. Prime the eyelids with Urban Decay’s eyeshadow primer potion anti-aging. Highlight under the eyebrows with SAND and apply it to the inner corner of the eye.
  2. Blend in LACED above the crease.
  3. Right under LACED blend in DESPERATION.
  4. Apply VICE to the outer mobile eyelid and blend outwards and up in the crease.
  5. Apply ANONYMOUS from the inner to the middle mobile eyelid.
  6. Apply Sigma Standout eyes gel eyeliner in Wicked and make a wing, apply it also in upper and lower waterline.Set it with BLACK MARKET and then apply BLACK MARKET under the lower lashline.
  7. Blend in NOISE under BLACK MARKET.
  8. Apply mascara and put on Ardell’s Natural lashes 104 in black.
  9. Use Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit to contour the face. Apply the pink blush from Too Faced the secret to no makeup makeup palette.
  10. On the lips apply Motives Cosmetics Mineral Lipstick in BESO. Set the makeup with Urban Decay’s Chill makeup setting spray.

2 thoughts on “Purified

  1. Very beautiful! Do you edit contrast on photos or how do you make eyeshadows so evident? When I make photos lighter shade usually looses all it’s pretty color and your make-up pictures are always bright and clear and colors still look real not overly editted.

  2. HI dear! Thank you so much!! Normally after taking the pictures (hopefully in good day light), I cut and adjust them in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. The only thing I do with the eyephotos is to add a bit of Brightness, Clarity, Vibrance and Saturation. Depending on how clear the original photo is I decide how much I need to adjust. Regarding the mouth picture I don’t do anything while for the face picture I just adjust the light a little bit. I do this just so that the colors appear in the right way. Hope it was helpful!! Have a great day!!! ❤


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