Bright Up

God morgon från ett dimmigt Florens. Vi har ett sånt konstigt sommarväder i år. Det är inte den där supervarma fuktiga sommaren som tur är.
Med denna sminkning vill jag önska er en riktigt fin vecka!

Good morning from a foggy Florence, we’ve such a strange summer weather this year. It’s not that tipical superhot humid summer that it normally could be.
With this make up I want to wish you a really nice week!

Buon giorno da Firenze dove ci siamo svegliati con la nebbia, abbiamo veramente un estate particolare quest’anno. Non è quel estate supercalda e umida che poteva essere.
Con questo trucco vi voglio augurare una bellissima settimana!

  1. Prime the eyelids with Urban Decay’s primer potion anti-aging. Highlight under the eyebrows with Creme Fresh.
  2. Mix Cappuccino and Vanilla and blend them in above the crease.
  3. Over the mobile eyelid apply NYX jumbo eye pencil in MILK and distribute it well with your finger. Over it starting in the inner corner to the middle mobile eyelid apply Pearl.
  4. Then from the middle mobile eyelid to the outer apply Heirless.
  5. In the crease blend in Forbidden and blend it up and outwards.
  6. Apply Onyx to the outer V and blend it out just in the outer part and outer crease.
  7. Under the lower lashline apply Heirless from the inner part to the middle. And from the middle to the outer corner apply Pacific Sea. Blend out.
  8. Just over the pink under the lower lashline apply a pink glitter. First apply Anastasia Beverly Hills Beauty Genius Clear Waterproofing Gel and over it I applied the pink loose glitter.
  9. Line upper and lower waterline with Anastasia Beverly Hills Covet Waterproof Eyeliner in Noir. Apply Motives Cosmetics gel eyeliner in Little Black Dress and make a wing.
  10. Apply mascara and put on the eyelashes Elegant Lashes Mystic M521.
  11. As a face contour use Brozning Veil. Apply the pink blush over the cheeks and highlight the cheekbones with Luminize.
  12. On the lips apply Motives Cosmetics Rich Formula Lipstick in Pink Sand.
  13. Set everything with Motives Cosmetics no more shine make up setting spray. Done!

4 thoughts on “Bright Up

      • I like all you make-up looks I just don’t comment all the time:)

      • Oh thank you, I’m so happy you do! I almost never get comments but when I do I get superhappy! 🙂 I try to improve a bit everyday, and also with the photos. Thank you once again sweety!! You made my day! Kisses


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