Fix me with your lovin’

Här i Florens är det molnigt och nära 30 grader idag. Kvavt med andra ord. Utöver det packar vi fortfarande de sista flyttlådor och ska försöka flytta ur vår lägenhet i helgen. På måndag ska de börja bygga upp byggnadsställningarna.
Idag visar jag er en neutral sminkning som jag gjort med Urban Decays Naked 3 palett.

Here in Florence it’s cloudy and almost 30 degrees hot today. Humid in other words. Beyond this we’re still packing the last moving boxes and are planning to leave our apartment this weekend. On Monday they’ll start to build up the scaffolds.
Today I show you a neutral make up I made using Urban Decay’s Naked 3 palette.

Qui a Firenze è nuvoloso e quasi 30 gradi oggi. Umido in altre parole. Tranne questo sto ancora facendo le ultime scatole per il trasloco e saremo pronti a lasciare l’apartamento per il fine settimana. Lunedì inizieranno a montare il ponteggio.
Oggi vi faccio vedere un trucco neutrale che ho creato usando la Naked palette 3 della Urban Decay.

  1. Prime the eyelids with Urban Decay’s eyeshadow primer potion. Highlight under the eyebrows with STRANGE.
  2. Blend in LIMIT above the crease.
  3. In the crease blend in NOONER.
  4. Apply a bit of NYX jumbo eye pencil in MILK over the mobile eyelid and over it pack DUST, apply it also in the inner corner of the eye.
    >>> By using NYX MILK pencil this eyeshadow will stay on better and will look much nicer since it really powdery. Use powder or a tissue under the eye to protect from fallouts.<<<
  5. Close to the lower lashline apply NOONER and blend it out with LIMIT.
  6. Line the waterline with a beige kajal and apply Motives Gel Eyeliner in Little Black Dress and make a wing.
  7. Apply mascara and eventually false eyelashes.
  8. As a face contour use Brozning Veil. Apply Collistar’s silk effect blusher/eyeshadow nr2 and highlight the cheekbones with Elf’s all over stick in Spotlight.
  9. On the lips apply NYX Xtreme Lip Cream in Pinky Nude. Done!


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