Arabic Golden for New Year

Idag blir det en lite speciell sminkning. Hade egentligen en annan idé när jag började göra sminkningen sen slutade det såhär. Vet egentligen inte om jag gillar den men jag tycker det är så kul att testa på lite andra typer av sminkningar emellanåt. Vad det kan passa till får ni avgöra, nyår, temafest, karneval…?

Today’s make up turned out a bit special. Actually I had another idea when I started but this is how it ended up. I don’t know if I like it but I love to try different types of make ups once in a while. What it can fit for you decide, New Year’s party, carneval…?

Per oggi ho creato un trucco un pò speciale. A dire il vero avevo un’altra tipologia di trucco in mente quando ho iniziato ma è andata a finire così. Non so se mi piace ma mi diverto troppo provare vari tipi di trucchi. Per cosa sarà adatto questo trucco decitete voi, Capodanno, festa con tema, carnevale…?

  1. Prime the eyelids with Urban Decay’s eyeshadow primer potion anti-aging.
  2. Start and apply a black contour pencil along the whole lower lashline continuing the line versus the end of the eyebrow. The line should also go versus the noose bone. Over the upper lashline, line from the middle to the outer corner letting the end meet with the under line so that you get a small space without color (where the gold will be). Then line the crease from the middle and down. Smudge everything out.
  3. Apply a black eyeshadow over the smudged out contour pencil. I used ZERO from UD Deluxe Palette.
  4. Over the crease blend in a matte dark brown eyeshadow, blend it in together with the black. Highlight under the eyebrows with a matte white eyeshadow.
  5. Over the mobile eyelid apply a bit of NYX jumbo eye pencil in MILK and over it apply BLITZ.
  6. Line the waterline with Make Up Forevers Kohl Pencil 7K Metal Gold, and line it also in the inner corner of the eye (over the black line) and in the outer corner of the eye (between the two black lines). Over the gold in the waterline pack on BLITZ.
  7. Apply Make Up Forevers Aqua Liner in Diamond Gold in the inner and outer corner of the eye to make the gold more intese.
  8. Apply mascara and put on false eyelashes.
  9. As a face contour use Bronzing Veil. Apply an orange brown blush and highlight the cheekbones with Benefit’s Sun Beam.
  10. On the lips apply a bronze colored lipstick. Done!

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