Frosty Queen

Idag fortsätter jag i vinterns tecken och visar en frostig sminkning. Till denna sminkning har jag gjort två varienter av läppar, en vit och en glittrig. Så om någon ska iväg på fest där vinter står på temat kanske denna kan passa bra! 😉
Ha en toppen fredag!

Today I continue in the winter theme and show a frosty make up. To this make up I’ve made two different types of lips, one white and one glittery. So if someone is going to a winter party maybe this make up can fit good. 😉
Have a great Friday!

Oggi continuo nella tema d’inverno e mostro un trucco gelido. Per questo trucco ho fatto due tipi di labbra, uno bianco ed uno scintillante. Questo trucco potrebbe andare bene per feste e serate a tema invernale. 😉
Vi auguro un bel venerdì!

  1. Prime the eyelids with Urban Decay’s eyeshadow primer potion anti-aging.
  2. From the inner corner all over the mobile eyelid apply a loose silver sparkly eyeshadow. Highlight under the eyebrows with a loose red sparkly eyeshadow.
  3. In the outer crease blend in a purple eyeshadow. Over the middle crease blend in a cold blue eyeshadow. In the inner crease blend in a light green eyeshadow.
  4. Under the eye apply a silver eyeshadow and over it a silver glitter eyeliner for some extra sparks.
  5. Line the waterline with a beige kajal.
  6. Now apply three different colored cream eyeliners. I started in the inner corner with a green, followed by a blue and finishing with a purple.
  7. Under the left eyeliner wing I made six glittery dots using UD Heavy Metal glitter eyeliner in STAGEDIVE. Under the right eyeliner wing a draw a long glittery line.
  8. Apply mascara and put on false eyelashes. I added two single eyelashes also under both eyes.
  9. Apply a face contour and blush. Highlight the cheekbones.
  10. On the lips I first used a white lipstick. I then applied glitter over it using three glitter eyeliners; UD Heavy Metal glitter eyeliner in METALHEAD and STAGEDIVE and Sleek’s Glitter Dip It Eyeliner in Mojito.

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