Throwback Thursday

Almost one year ago I started to think about starting a blog. From the beginning I had no idea what to post but I thought more of a personal blog talking about my life being Swedish living in Italy with my husband and kids. I remember I wanted to write about the difficulties I had met and so on…mixing all this with some make up photos once in a while.

Make up is an interest I’ve always had but never taken it seriously. I felt kind of fast how the make up took over the blog because it really made me happy. I didn’t feel the need to write about those personal things, and instead I concentrated on creating new make up looks. It took a while in the beginning but after just a few weeks I was locked. I loved it. I loved waking up in the morning dedicating some time just for me, beacuse it was what I needed to feel good. The make up made me enter in another world and at that time I started to post and share my make up pictures on various websites created for make up. Thanks to this I came in contact with many other people all over the world sharing the same passion and interest. All this was just the beginning, because once I entered the world of make up and beauty I was stuck. I wanted more and to learn more and I started to update and expand my small knowledge just by reading and seeing other professionals works and make ups. But I knew of course it wasn’t enough because by myself I wouldn’t go anywhere.

Some months ago I started to search, actually my husband searched for me, some make up classes. He found a few here in Florence and suddenly I came in contact with MUA Alessia Gasparin that holds make up classes since many years. She told me that she would have a class here in Florence and it was so perfect for me! Before this class, in the end of the summer, I candidated for a make up course that I knew was limited just for about 10 persons. I think they had around 60 cadidates in the end. So in the beginning of this week we all started with the interview for the selection. I had my interview Tuesday morning. I was very happy and motivated and I had brought with me my first make up certificate of the class I took with Alessia, that I had finished just the weekend before.
Since we were in so many of course I thought it would be very hard to enter the class. So yesterday afternoon when I checked out the list of the people chosen I didn’t see my name at first sight. After just some seconds I started to look more carefully and there it was! My name with other 12 happily chosen. I called to double check and everything was fine! 🙂 I started to jump and wanted to go out and run and scream of happiness. So from the 7th of November I’ll start, and I so long for it. For me this is an important achievement. I finally will start to learn and study what I really love, for I think the first time in my life. So in the end my epigraph that I wrote almost one year ago in the top of my blog feels logical, ”It’s never too late!”

Here are some make ups I did one year ago. Some of them I made before starting the blog while others I made in the beginning of the blog.


2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday

  1. Dear Maria! Congratulations!! I’m so happy for you. You are a great inspiration in more than one way. Love from Pernille

    • Oh thank you so much Pernille!! It feels great to finally have found something that I’m burning for. I hope everything is great with you and the family and I hope to meet you all soon! Kisses! Maria


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