Make Up Class

Here comes a small summary of the make up class I attended this weekend.

This was our working table where we practiced various types of make ups and also where Alessia taught us a lot of theory.

These two beautiful young ladies that are working in the hotel we stayed, were so kind to let us practise on them. I made a smokey eye make up on Lorella, starting of course from the base with concealer, foundation etc.. On the first photo you see me in action. For being the first time I made a complete make up on someone other then myself I’m very happy with the result.

A few of the make ups we created on ourselves. We exercised how to make day, night, wedding, special occasion, smokey and rejevenation make ups. And we also exercised how to apply single eyelashes, not on ourselves, but on eachother, which was really helpful and much easier than I expected.

This was our final test and make up yesterday. We had to try to recreate this look from the YSL commercial, using of course that eyeshadow palette. Unfortunately I just had 30 min trying to do it so I’m not satisfied. Maybe I’ll try to make a better recreation here at home posting it on the blog in a couple of weeks.

So here we are! On the first photo, I, Lisa and Camila. On the second photo MUA Alessia and I. She’s so talented and such an awesome teacher and person! We all had such a great time together! I’m more than satisfied and happy with these days that have given me so much. From the beginning I knew almost nothing about make up and still I have a LOT left to learn. But now at least I know the basics that are the most important before you continue. And that makes me even more motivated and convinced to go on and learn and take other classes. On the last photo you see my certificate that I’m so proud of.
It’s never too late for your passion!



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