Glossy Golden

Idag blir det ännu en sotad höst sminkning i bruna färger. Denna gång mixat med guld.

Today I show another smokey autumn make up in brown colors. This time mixed with gold.

  1. Prime the eyes with Too Faced shadow insurance. (Put on tape if you prefer)
  2. Blend in a matte peach colored eyeshadow over the crease and highlight under the eyebrows with a matte white eyeshadow.
  3. Apply a matte light brown eyeshadow in the inner corner of the eye and blend it up until the middle crease.
  4. From the outer corner blend in a dark matte brown eyeshadow and blend it up in the crease blending it into the lighter brown.
  5. Over the middle eyelid first apply NYX jumbo eye pencil in MILK and over it HALF BAKED from UD Naked palette 1.
  6. Apply MAC’s fluidline eye-liner gel Blacktrack and make a wing.
  7. Under the eye in the inner corner apply the matte lightbrown eyeshadow, over the middle apply HALF BAKED and in the outer corner apply the matte  dark brown eyeshadow.
  8. Line upper and lower waterline with UD 24/7 glide on eye pencil in DEMOLITION.
  9. Put on mascara and the flase eyelashes.
  10. On the cheeks apply an orange blush and highlight the cheekbones with Benefit’s Sun Beam. On the lips apply Too Faced glamour gloss Girls on Film. Done!


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