Idag åker vi till Kroatien i 10 dagar. 🙂 Kommer publicera inlägg varannan dag från och med nu.
Det var konstigt ljus denna morgon därav blev ljuset på bilderna såhär.

Today we’ll go to Croatia for 10 days. 🙂 So from now I’ll publicise posts every second day.
It was strange light this morning so the pictures turned out this way.

  1. Prime your eye with Too Faced shadow insurance and apply NYX jumbo eye pencil in MILK over the mobile eyelid.
  2. In the inner corner of the eye start to apply an orange shiny eyeshadow, nr1. After it apply a yellowgolden eyeshadow, nr2.
  3. Over the middle lid apply a green eyeshadow, nr3, and after it a darker green eyeshadow, nr4. Put on tape for a precise application.
  4. Apply a matte brown eyeshadow, nr5, into the outer V and blend it out well into the crease. For some more intesity apply a black eyeshadow, nr6, just into the outer V and blend it out.
  5. Highlight under the eyebrows with a light beige eyeshadow, nr7, and apply it also into the inner corner of the eye.
  6. Apply MAC’s Fluidline eye-liner gel Blacktrack and make a wing. Take off the tape.
  7. Under the eye apply first NYX MILK pencil and over it starting from the inner corner the orange eyeshadow, followed by the yellow eyeshadow, and in the outer corner the black eyeshadow. Blend out any transitions.
  8. Put on mascara and false eyelashes.
  9. On the cheek use blush, nr8, from MAC and over the cheebones apply Benefit’s Sun Beam. On the lips use Sephora’s ultra vinyl lipgloss ”Coral Glow”. Done!


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