Vice Smokey – Love Sensation

Blir en smokey färgglad look idag med nude läppar till. Jag gjorde denna för ett tag sedan innan vi åkte till Sverige. Jag använde mig av Urban Decay´s Vice palett för att göra den.

A smokey colorful look with nude lips that I made a while ago before we went to Sweden. I used Urban Decay´s Vice palette do create it.

  1. Prime your eye with Urban Decay’s primer potion and put on tape for a precise application.
  2. Start in the outer V and apply BLACKMARKET, nr1. Blend it out a bit. Then over it  blend in VICE, nr2, and blend it up into the crease.
  3. Over the middle/outer lid blend in CHAOS, nr3. From the middle to the inner lid blend in UNHINGED, nr4. For both eyeshadows I used a small blending brush. (The color is very instense so I didn’t use anything else than the normal primer.)
  4. Over the crease blend in NOISE, nr5. Downblend a bit with LACED, nr6, and highlight under the eyebrows with, ANONYMOUS, nr7.
  5. Apply MAC’s Fluidline Eye-Liner gel Blacktrack, and make a wing. Take off the tape.
  6. Under the lower lashline apply BLACKMARKET and under it a bit of NOISE.
  7. Line upper and lower waterline with a black kohl pencil. Put on mascara and the false eyelashes from Ardell.
  8. As a face contour use Bronzing Veil, nr8. On the cheeks apply Blush, nr9, and over the cheekbones Luminize, nr10. On the lips apply Sephora’s Rouge Shine n°02, Golden Girl. Done!


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