Romantic Golden

En simpel guldig sminkning med naturella läppar. Kan passa bra denna tisdag!

A simple golden make up with nude lips. Can fit good for this Tuesday!

  1. I primed my eye with Too Faced shadow insurance and put on tape for a precise application.
  2. I started in the outer corner and applied Ever After, nr1, with a small blending brush. I blended it out. With a big blending brush a gently blended in more color to the outer corner and crease until I was satisfied.
  3. Then I blended in Cut the Cake, nr2, over the crease. I highlighted under the eyebrows with Bouquet Toss, nr3.
  4. I applied NYX jumbo eye pencil in MILK over the mobile eyelid and over it I packed on Honeymoon.
  5. I applied ZOEVA’s cream eyeliner ”Cocoa Bean” making a wing and took off the tape.
  6. Under the eye I applied Ever After, nr1. I lined upper and lower lashline with the brown eyepencil, nr6, from Sephora’s artist color box.
  7. I put on mascara and the false eyelashes from Ardell.
  8. On the cheeks I used Sephora’s blush ”Romantic Rose” and over the cheekbones I applied a bit of Benefit’s Sun Beam. On the lips I used gloss, nr5, from Sephora’s artist color box. Done!


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