Arabic Candy

🙂  Idag kände jag bara för mycket färg och glitter. Blev en arabisk inspirerad make up. Drog på mig peruken också, haha!
Hoppas ni alla har en bra fredag!

🙂 Today I just felt for a playful look with lots of color and glitter. I made an arabic inspired make up. I also put on the wig, haha!
Hope you all are having a nice Friday!

  1. I primed my eye with Urban Decay’s primer potion and applied NYX jumbo eye pencil in MILK over the mobile eyelid.
  2. I started to apply the purple eyeshadow, nr1, over the whole mobile eyelid. I put on scotch tape in the outer corner to get precise lines.
  3. I applied the blue eyeshadow, nr2, in the outer V and blended it up in crease. I added more eyeshadow until I was satisfied. To get some more intensity I applied a bit of the darkblue eyeshadow, nr3, just into the outer V and blended it out.
  4. I blended in the pink eyeshadow, nr4, over the crease and highlighted with the light beige eyeshadow, nr5, under the eyebrows and I also applied a bit of it into the inner corner of the eye.
  5. I took of the tape. I now applied the black gel eyeliner making a wing right under the eyeshadow wing.
  6. Under the eye from the middle to the outer corner I applied the black eyeshadow, nr6, and from the middle to the inner corner the darkpurple eyeshadow, nr7. I lined upper and lower waterline with a black kohl pencil.
  7. I now took Urban Decay’s heavy metal glitter eyeliner ”Metalhead” and applied it all over the eyelid and under the eye mostly in the inner corner, right over the purple eyeshadow.
  8. I put on mascara and the false eyelashes from Ardell. On the cheeks I applied Elf’s cream blush ”Heartbreaker” and on the cheekbones I applied Elf’s all over stick ”Spotlight”. On the lip I used KIKO’s Luscious cream – creamy lipstick 517 ”Rosa Fluo”. Done!


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