Romantic Eye 2

Använde mig av Too Faced Romantic Eye Shadow Collection idag också. Ljuset var kasst denna morgon, grått och regnigt ute, så tyvärr blev det mörka bilder.
Denna sminkning gillar jag massor, perfekt för bröllop, bal, fest…ja listan är lång! 🙂

I used Too Faced Romantic Eye Shadow Collection today too. The light was very bad this morning, grey and rainy, so unfortunately the pictures became very dark.
This make up I lika a lot, perfect for wedding, prom dance, party…well the list is long! 🙂

  1. I primed my eye with Too Faced Shadow Insurance and put on tape for a precise application.
  2. I started to apply ”First Dance”, nr1, in the outer V blending it up in the crease. I added more eyeshadow until I was satisfied with the blending. Then I blended in ”I Do”, nr2, over the crease into ”First Dance”.
  3. Under the eyebrows I applied ”Kiss the Bride”, nr3, and to highlight just under the outer eyebrow I used ”Soulmates”, nr4, I also added it to the inner corner of the eye.
  4. Over the mobile eyelid I first applied NYX Jumbo Eyepencil in MILK, and over it ”Cut the Cake, nr5.
  5. I applied ZOEVA’s cream eyeliner ”Night Violet”, and took off the tape.
  6. I lined upper and lower waterline with the brown eyeliner, I also added a bit under the lower lashline and smudged it out.
  7. Under the eye over the brown smudged eyepencil I applied ”Honeymoon”, nr6.
  8. I put on mascara and false eyelashes. On the cheeks I used Elf’s cream blush ”Heartbreaker” and over the cheekbones Elf’s all over stick ”Spotlight”. On the mouth I used NYX soft matte lip cream ”Addis Ababa”. Done!


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