Night Violet

Här kommer första försöket med ZOEVAs cream eyeliner. En vardags sminkning i lila toner. Dessa cream eyeliner är riktigt mjuka och lätta att applicera och håller väldigt bra. De är även vattenfasta. ZOEVA verkar även ha många andra bra smink produkter och paletter.  Här är deras hemsida.

Here comes the first try with ZOEVA’s cream eyeliner. An everyday make up in purple tones. These eyeliners are really soft and easy to apply and remain good during the day. They’re also waterproof. ZOEVA also seem to have a lot of other good make up products and palettes. Here’s their website.

  1. I primed my eye with Urban Decay’s Primer Potion and started to apply the beige eyeshadow, nr1, over the whole mobile eyelid.
  2. I blended in the dark pruple eyeshadow, nr2, in the crease and applied it also under the eye.
  3. Under the eyebrows I applied the light beige eyeshadow, nr3.
  4. I applied the purple cream eyeliner from ZOEVA.
  5. I lined my waterline with NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in MILK, put on mascara and these false eyelashes from ZOEVA. These eyelashes looks really good but the bad thing is that they broke for me while trying to get them out from their box. They were stuck with too much glue so unfortunatley when I tried to get them loose with my tweezers they brooke so I had to cut them. I used the two smaller pieces and applied them under the lower lashesline in the outer corner instead. (I was really angry though!)


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