Unusual Lavender 2

Här kommer en annan look jag gjort med Kikos Colour Seduction Palette N 03, Unusual Lavender. Här är första looken jag gjorde för en månad sedan. Ha en skön söndag!

Here comes another look I’ve made with Kiko’s Colour Sedustion Palette N 03, Unusual Lavender. Here is the first look I did a month ago. Have a nice Sunday!

  1. I primed my eye and applied NYX Jumbo Eyepencil MILK over the mobile eyelid. It’s the first time I try it and it’s really as good as I’ve heard! It makes the eyeshadow pop out and last longer! Under the foundation I tried their primer which you see on the photo, and it’s also very nice. Feels good on the skin and hopefully it makes what it promises, should make the skin smoother and soften out lines… I started to apply the pink eyeshadow in the inner and outer corner, I left the middle lid without eyeshadow.
  2. On the middle lid I applied the golden eyeshadow.
  3. Now I cut the crease with the black eyeshadow and blended it out a bit over the crease with the pink eyeshadow. I highlighted under the eyebrow with a light eyeshadow.
  4. I applied a bit of the NYX MILK pencil also under the eye with a concealer brush and  over I applied the blue eyeshadow. After that I applied the NYX MILK pencil in the waterline, draw a black eyeliner, put on mascara and false eyelashes. Done! 🙂


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