A soft colorful look with yellowgold, brown and blue.

A soft colorful look with yellowgold, brown and blue.

I used ELF 100 palette.

I used ELF 100 palette.

  1. I primed my eye and started to cut my crease with the brown eyeshadow. I blended it out.
  2. Then I took the light orange eyeshadow and blended it a bit into the brown and over the crease.
  3. Over the whole eyelid I applied the yellow eyeshadow.
  4. Under the eyeI applied first a blue eyepencil and smudged that out before adding the blue eyeshadow over. Draw out a thin line that will be right under the black eyeliner. Add that same blue also in the waterline.
  5. I highlighted with the lightbeige eyeshadow. I applied a black eyeliner, put on mascara and false eyelashes. Done! Small tip: If you want your lips to shine some extra add some gold to the under lip over the lipstick. It gives a beautiful effect!


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