Closeup on the eyes

Closeup on the eyes

I used these eyeshadows.

I used these eyeshadows.

  1. I primed my eyelid and put on a high tech lighter. I applied the white eyeshadow in the inner corner of the eye and as a highlighter under the eyebrow.
  2. I applied the yellow right after the white.
  3. I applied the orange after the yellow eyeshadow.
  4. I applied the pink eyeshadow almost in the outer corner.
  5. I put on a tape for more precision and took a small shading brush and applied the red in the outer corner.
  6. Under the eye I first put a black kohl pencil and smudged it before applying a black eyeshadow over. I also applied black in the upper and lower waterline. Then I applied a black eyeliner, put on mascara and false eyelashes.


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